Beer made from Choco Krispies, the latest innovation from Kellogg




Kellogg, manufacturer of brands such as Special K, All-Bran or Pringles, among others, has partnered with 'Cervezas La Gardenia' to make the craft beer 'Rosita Kellogg's Choco Krispies' with which to reduce their food waste. Specifically, this innocent arises with the objective of reuse roasted rice with Choco Krispies cocoa Kellogg's, which, having been discarded during the production process, is in perfect condition for human consumption.

In this way, 'Rosita Kellogg's Choco Krispies', a craft beer type Blonde Ale, made by the Aragonese brewery has been made'La Gardenia beers', specialized in the production of craft beer made in a sustainable way.

The multinational of cereals and snacks has just announced a new objective of reducing food waste. Thus, by 2030 it will reduce its organic waste, which includes food waste, by 50% as part of its global corporate commitment to reduce its impact on the planet.

This commitment is aligned with the number 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoted by the United Nations Organization.

The head of Corporate Affairs of Kellogg in Spain, Amparo Lobato, explained this initiative. «It is inevitable that during the production process discard a certain amount of product. Our goal is to minimize this waste and, whenever possible, reuse it for human consumption, ”he stressed.

Kellogg donates to the brewer the roasted rice with cocoa rejected in the production line that is suitable for human consumption. Similarly, the brewery is committed to making an economic contribution to non-profit entities that promote sustainable rice production in the Ebro Delta, promoting Kellogg's 'Origins' program, with which farmers are improving social sustainability , economic and environmental of rice cultivation.

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