become the new Ferraz of the PSOE SA

Maria Jesus PerezCONTINUE
Updated: 06/17/2022 09:36 a.m.
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Surprise, surprise. Or it's going to be no. The gall of this government goes unpunished for any obscene decision is such that nothing they do catches us off guard or by surprise.
Indra, the most desired company by the Sánchez clan
, is practically the new headquarters of the Ferraz family. There are more socialists in their guts than in the party itself. The boss wants control of the technology company that he quotes on the Stock Exchange, the most strategic company for Sánchez -or rather for Zapatero? so much….- due to its high weight in the Defense and Transport industry, and due to its importance in the new world of cybersecurity, key axes of the Recovery Plan, which have become even more relevant after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and with the focus on the most senior chair in NATO.

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