Beckham remains infatuated with David Silva - La Provincia

The grancanario David Silva ends contract with his current club, Manchester City, this summer and has already announced that he will not renew with the citizens. The English media suggest that the Arguineguin midfielder will set course for the American MLS, although returning to Valencia or UD Las Palmas It is on the table, as he has recognized several times.

There are many rumors that place the grancanario in the American league next season. David Silva contract ends with Manchester City on June 30 and, according to Mirror, David Beckham has offered to be the captain of Inter Miami, which owns shares and debuts as a franchise next year in the MLS.

Silva, 34, arrived in Manchester City in 2010. Since his arrival, he has become one of his flags of the most glorious era of the entity during the last 10 seasons. During the last months, a so-called agreement between the Grancanario and New York City sounded that he was looking for an internationally renowned player, but according to the English media, the newly created Inter Miami has torpedoed the operation.

The club has an honorary ambassador, David Beckham, who owns shares and whose figure is key in contacts with the City footballer, who at 34 years looks for new challenges. Even when his departure from the English team was known, fans of the UD Las Palmas They rubbed their hands, because it has always made it clear that their illusion was to wear yellow before retiring from professional football.

It seems that this extreme is difficult. On the one hand, the card of the international player is very large for a club that currently plays for the Second Division. The Arguineguín would have to lower the ground to the level of a player in the category, while in the MLS he would have a millionaire contract. In Valencia They also dreamed of Silva's return, where he already played 4 seasons before signing for the British team.

The City's ten years of service make it a more than profitable signing. World and European Champion with the national team when he signed, he exported his talent to the Premier. In these ten years, in addition, Silva has scored 74 goals in the 414 games played in all competitions.

Not surprisingly, the Grancanario has distributed more assists than any other player during these ten years, a total of 89, 27 more than the first pursuer on this list, and has also created more scoring chances than anyone else, until 768, which means 173 more than any other player in England.

According Mirror, the player would have a pre-agreement with New York City for the next season and Beckham's continued interest in taking him to Miami away the possibility that Silva will return to Spain in the near future. With the Premier almost sentenced by Liverpool, it remains to enjoy the last blows of Silva in European football before the puddle jumps to MLS. The only question is whether he will do it with David Beckham, or will sign for the New York City where his former partner and friend David Villa raised passions.


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