Beci reveals the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo did not sign for Deportivo

When Dépor launched for the Portuguese, Manchester United had already advanced.

Eduardo López Beci, former player and former technical secretary of Deportivo, recalled in a talk about the past, present and future of the Galician team the day he discovered Cristiano Ronaldo before he joined the Manchester United. “I was going to follow Simao (Sabrosa) and Cristiano was in the game. He played very badly, but he did a series of things that seemed impossible to me because of the boldness he had and it caught my attention and I asked who he was, ”he explained.

Beci added that he then transferred it to the then president of Deportivo, Augusto César Lendoiro: “Simao, very good, but I told him that the one to follow was Cristiano Ronaldo. He spoke with Mendes, but he was already signed by Manchester.” .

The former player recalled that in his time at Deportivo “or fought to go up or not down” and, consequently, “there was a year of tranquility.” Beci aroused the laughter of the attendees when referring to their physical characteristics: “I have to recognize that as a guy I am badly done. Waist up very well; from the waist down, a lot of volume and a small size. ”


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