Becerra illustrates the other 'Cordobazo' in Juan Guedes

Farrando, on the ground, cared for by the Córdoba doctors.

Farrando, on the ground, cared for by the Córdoba doctors.

Isaac Becerra's 'Cordobazo'. Heroes, villains and an epic that is gone. The feat of 'Támara' crashed into the gloves of the Córdoba goalkeeper in a vertigo match closure. A penalty, in 93 ', should do justice to Gran Canaria's merits, but striker Quintero was swallowed up by anxiety. The island team succumbed by the minimum after receiving the goal from Bernardo at 110 seconds (0-1). To give it more spice, the referee invented a red for Jordan and those of Chus Trujillo had to play an hour at a disadvantage.

The racanería of Córdoba de Alfaro, full of names of bells like De las Cuevas, Piovaccari, Mario or Javi Flores, was undeniable. With everything in favor -the goal and the red one- he was overcome by the heart of 'Támara'. At 40 seconds, Jordan saw the first warning after a collision with full-back Farrando. ANDn the next frame, Alberto avoids the 0-1 and after several rejections, Bernardo shoots Nauzet García in the small area. In an eternal action, the goal himself had signed a stoppage and could do little against the Cordovan defender. At a quarter of an hour, after a loss at the ball exit, Javi Flores smashed the ball off the crossbar. Alfaro's team was better positioned, displaying an elegant football with touches of courage. Rage, energy, precision and speed. Everything that the Tamaraceite did not put, confused and without catching the meaning of the meeting. Willy's shot and Asdrúbal Padrón's first missile. Penetration of López Silva, on the left, and the leather crashes on the side of the net. The party's action was the controversial expulsion of Jordan. A new train crash and the left-handed side of the local block went to the shower.

The Califa offensive front, with Nahuel, Javi Flores, Mario, Moussa and Willy, was a torture machine. Nauzet thwarted all danger and David González said enough. El Moco lowered the ball and began to rule a game rarely. Launch of the '10' and a superb ride by Asdrúbal Padrón lit the way. Alfaro took out all the artillery with De las Cuevas and Piovaccari. And in 93, a penalty on Quintero - he was overwhelmed after a corner kick - and the striker was devoured by the tiger Becerra. Second consecutive loss at home for a Támara, who this morning, put his heart to start a point. He left empty, in the Cordobazo de Becerra. Toni Segura's class kept hope alive but fortune was elusive to Chus Trujillo's pupils.

Data sheet:

UD Tamaraceite: Nauzet García; Aythami Álvarez (Fajir, 68 '), David García, Alberto, Jordan; Samuel Casais; Asdrúbal (Alexis Ramos, 75 ') Julio Báez (Alejandro Pérez, 46'), David González (Toni Segura, 75 ') López Silva; and Eros Delgado (Quintero, 46 ​​').

Córdoba CF: Isaac Becerra; Farrando (Robles, 46 '), Djtei, Bernardo Cruz, Jesús Álvaro; Xavi Molina; Nahuel, Mario Cruz (Ricardo Visus), Moussa (Moutinho, 75 '), Javi Flores (De las Cuevas, 75'); and Willy Ledesma (Piovaccari, 72 ').

Goal: 0-1, min. 2: Bernardo.

Referee: García Verdura (C. Catalán). He sent Jordan off (30 ') by showing him the second yellow. In addition, he admonished Moussa and Farrando.

Incidents: Juan Guedes, without public. First day of Group 4-Subgroup D of the Second Division B to promote to the First RFEF.


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