Bebs: This cradle has caused the death of ten babies – La Provincia

Bebs: This cradle has caused the death of ten babies - La Provincia

"The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), for its acronym in English) and Fisher-Price warn consumers about the crib Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Due to reports of deaths "of ten babies after dumping with this cradle, according to the agency, these events took place in 2015 in the US and, according to the report, "Three-month-old babies rolled upside down" when they were inside the crib.

Surveillance in product safety that is commercialized is vital for consumer agencies dependent on official government bodies. Especially, if it's products for children. Recently, an alert has been issued to notify consumers of the dangers of using the aforementioned cradle of the well-known children's brand Fisher-Price after several reports confirming the death of ten babies have been confirmed for using this product.

"Because the deaths continue to happen, the CPSC recommends that consumers stop using the product at three months of age or as soon as the baby shows the capacity"to move." Fisher-Price warns consumers to stop using the product, "when they notice" that the baby can tip over. "The children's products company claims that the deaths reported show that some consumers still used this product" when the babies had the ability to roll and without using the three-point harness. "

"CPSC and Fisher-Price remind consumers that create a safe sleep environment for babies, either by using a crib, a bassinet, a playground or a sloping bedroom. "

Is not the first recent case of children's products about which has been reported in recent days. The Organization of Consumers and Users has also issued an informative alert through its digital portal about the risks of buying a certain model of baby chair that "is unsafe" "Problems with the metal protection bars have been detected." During the frontal crash test, with the dummy that simulates a child of 1 year and a half, the Babystyle Oyster + Base Duofix Isize chair is detached from the base and projected forward, which exposes the child to a risk of serious harm. This is because the metal bars that should hold the chair to the base come out of its plastic guide during the shock"


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