Beb Yoda arrives to cheer you up for quarantine (and life)

Yesterday, Friday 22, Cuatro premiered and opened the first episode ofThe Mandalorian And, don't deny it, since then you haven't stopped thinking about his adorable little character,Beb Yoda. Luckily, you won't have to wait long to continue enjoying the most adorable creature in the universeStar wars(sorry, BB-8) because on Tuesday March 24th it finally arrives in SpainDisney +,where you can see the whole series.And the launch offer -which ends this Monday- is only 5 euros a month!

In times ofquarantine, having to spend long and long hours at home and with this incredible promotion on the table, it is almost impossible to say no to the new streaming platform. There, amid princes and princesses, talking animals and toys and heroes with the Marvel seal, this green creature promises to become one of the factor's great stars.

Who is The Mandalorian?

And is that all the criticism, the whole Internet, the whole world, the whole galaxy ... loves madly this bug with pointy ears, huge eyes (Shrek's cat type) and just a few centimeters tall of the same species as the legendary Jedi Master of the Original Triloga. But what role does it play inThe Mandalorianthis character they refer to only as "the child"?

In the exclusive Disney + series, the first with a real image of the saga, the Chilean Pedro Pascal (Javier Pea, inNarcos), hides behind Mando's helmet and armor, a solitary bounty hunter who is moved, like every mercenary, by money. However, his life takes a radical turn when a fascinating being crosses his path. Yes, we mean Yodita.

A space western with guides to the Star Wars saga

To go further would be to reveal too many details of this western sidereal that takes place between laser swords and spaceships in an anarchic period after the fall of the Galactic Empire. S it should be noted thatThe Mandalorianin an independent story, with no direct connection to the films ofStar warsreleased in theaters, although fans will find many guides to the universe devised by George Lucas. Without going any further, our protagonist comes from the planet Mandalore, which already appeared inThe clone Wars. In addition, the desert and snowy landscapes, the canteen, the imperial soldiers ... refer to the classic imagery of the saga.

Jon Favreau at the controls of the ship

After the eight episodes of the first season of the series is one of the trusted men of the house, Jon Favreau. When not on screen helpingHombre de Hierro, is in charge of producing the titles ofThe Avengers, to direct the latest versions ofKing lenYThe Jungle Bookor to conquer critics and fans alikeStar wars. l alone.

An advert. If they are one of those who are obsessed with Beb Yoda after seeing him yesterday on television - or in dozens of memes on the Internet - and they thought they would be attracted toThe Mandalorianthe same day 24, they will not be able. As Disney has announced, the episodes will be released little by little and week by week, as originally happened in the United States. The good news is that, as Favreau himself and Disney CEO Bob Iger have announced, the series will be in its second season, with the premiere expected before the end of this year.

The entire galactic saga on Disney +

Also, to liven up the wait between chapters,those who subscribe to Disney +they will be able to enjoy all the titles ofStar wars. And when we say all, they are all:The Phantom Menace,The last Jedi,The Force Awakens,The Empire Strikes Back,The Clone Wars,Revenge of the Sith,Return of the Jedi,Attack of the clones,A new hope,Han Solo,Rogue Oneand, of course, the last premiereSkywalker's rise.

And the best part is that, although we don't have dates, we know that there is a lot of new content on the Disney + horizon. At the moment, two series are confirmed: one based on the story of Obi Wan Kenobi and the other on one of the protagonists ofStar Wars: Rogue OneCassian Andor (the Mexican Diego Luna).


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