Beatriz wants to find Tomás Gimeno to "not have the slightest suspicion that the murderer of her daughters may still be alive"

The search for Anna and Tomás Gimeno continues. The Oceanographic Vessel 'Angeles Alvariño' returned to port due to "bad weather conditions", according to The Ana Rosa Program on the morning of this Wednesday, June 23. The ship had changed its search route and was probing a strip of sea some four miles out to sea. This modification, far from the coordinates in which he hoisted the oxygen bottle, the duvet cover and Olivia's body, was established before the possibility that the main suspect of murdering Olivia Anna and Olivia He will change location as soon as he has the last telephone conversation with Beatriz Zimmermann.

"They are going to take advantage of today's day to refuel, although this ship has an autonomy of 20 days and to collect water"They explained in the aforementioned Telecinco program. "This same night he will leave the dock of the port and go back to the point where Tomás Gimeno's mobile phone signal was lost"they added.

The mother of Anna and Olivia, Beatriz Zimmermann, follows the news of the case up to the minute and asked through social networks that "we share white candles to strengthen ourselves to show hope, so that they return and find the bodies of Anna and Tomás." In addition, he wants to find the father to "not have the slightest suspicion that the murderer of his daughters may still be alive."

White candles

Beatriz Zimmermann hopes to recover the body of her young daughter, who is still missing. For this reason, through the Instagram account Bring Back Home Anna and Olivia, she has asked for collaboration so that Anna's body appears and both she and her family can say goodbye to both girls. But one of Beatriz's greatest concerns is that the body of Tomás Gimeno also appears so that she can rest, "close the circle and find peace." The text posted on Instagram says: «When we asked to put a white candle so that its light illuminated the way back home to the little ones, Olivia appeared like a miracle, with a sign for which we will always be grateful. Today, again we ask for your collaboration, we do not want to lose hope and we pray that Anna appears so that we can say goodbye to her with her sister and, above all, that Tomás appears so that Beatriz can rest. Close the circle and find peace. Let's flood the nets with white candles. For Anna and for Beatriz that. together with Olivia they will always be together ». Joaquín Amills, Beatriz Zimmermann's spokesperson, assured yesterday in an interview on The Ana Rosa program that Anna and Olivia's mother "thinks that Tomás committed suicide, but not 100%." Although those around Beatriz believe that she is at the bottom of the sea.


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