Beatriz Peñalver recreates her own garden in “Doñaflor”

The designer Beatriz Peñalver has presented her collection “Doña flor”, in charge of closing the fifth day of fashion shows at the Mercedes-Benz fashion Week Madrid, in a tribute to the beauty of the flowers, and also, to its pollinators, the bees.

"Doña flor is a popular saying that I have heard since childhood, an appellation that can be used affectionately and even as a reproach," Peñalver told Efe before starting the parade about his inspiration.

In reference to the name of the collection, the floral motifs have invaded in the form of a print the garments presented in the collection, illustrated by the Artist Javier Domenech in the form of wild flowers and carnivorous plants.

This is how Peñalver's version of “Doñaflor” is reflected on fabrics such as crochet or Jacquard, in addition to the presence of motifs such as cotton and canvas, “part of the manifesto of responsibility with the environment to which we want to address a future".

Characteristic silhouettes of the firm such as fluid patterns with frills on the bottoms are maintained, in a chromatic range reminiscent of the peculiar garden of its creator's imaginary, where green, blue and pink touches that contrast with black pieces prevail.

Also, the fringes have prevailed, with vibrant turquoise glows, and complemented with porcelain pieces as accessories such as earrings, some of them in golden hues, reminiscent of organic nature motifs.

In a staging located in one of the rooms of the Palacio Conde Duque in Madrid, the models have paraded, with serious countenance and a lot of attitude, over the Peñalver garden, wearing the pieces that went from two-piece suits in embroidered tulle with bee prints "one of the most important living beings in the world that we wanted to use as a symbol," Peñalver says.


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