July 25, 2021

BBVA hires an expert agency to manage crisis | Economy

BBVA hires an expert agency to manage crisis | Economy

The BBVA has decided to hire the international agency Brunswick, with great prestige in the international market, specialized in managing crises and large operations of companies, such as opas or mergers. In this case, it will work on the crisis generated by the eavesdropping scandal that ex-commander José Manuel Villarejo he made, supposedly, for BBVA under the presidency of Francisco González.

The entity has conducted an internal investigation for eight months without finding anything irregular. In January, to give more credibility to the process, he hired Uría and Menéndez and Garrigues, as well as the PwC auditor, who are reviewing thousands of documents related to the department of security and supplier payments. So far, they have not found irregularities.

Without office in Madrid

"Diligence, frankness and precision" are the Brunswick guides, according to its website. "It is a consulting firm specialized in critical business issues. We help clients navigate the interconnected financial, political and social worlds to build trusting relationships with their stakeholders, "he says. It offers its services for financial situations, capital markets, cyberspace, employees and litigation. Among the communication agencies, Brunswick is considered one of the best in the world, formed by analysts and expert journalists, with very high rates.

Brunswick, who worked on the creation of the Bristish Airways and Iberia merger in IAG, IAG, does not have an office in Madrid, although it does in London, Brussels, Berlin, Milan, Frankfurt and Munich. It has 23 offices in 14 countries and clients in more than 50.


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