Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

BBVA and Colombia reward teachers for their educational innovation projects

BBVA Bank and the Colombian Ministry of Education on Tuesday recognized six teachers with the Teacher Award for the methodologies applied to encourage reading in minors and to renew education in the country.

During the awards, the president of BBVA Colombia, Óscar Cabrera, described as "important" the role that teachers play in a society because of what they "can build", for which he paid tribute.

"I have the deepest respect for teachers, they from all walks of society work every day to train us as better people, as human beings," he said.

Cabrera stressed that the presiding entity allocates 1% of its profits for education, thereby financing programs in this area such as technical and higher scholarships in the Colombian Pacific, which have benefited 675 young people.

Likewise, 150,000 people have been trained in financial education and the school for BBVA entrepreneurship has been launched, which has benefited 262,000 students from 530 institutions, which bring together 1,029 teachers.

For the fifth edition of the Teacher Prize, 1,600 proposals from 30 of the 32 departments of Colombia were registered, who participated in the categories of "innovative proposals", "digital approach" and "conventional reading and writing experiences".

In this first category, professors Omar Martínez de Córdoba and Victoria Reales de Bogotá were nominated, who won with their "Soma Project", which seeks to highlight the artistic abilities of students through reading and writing.

Similarly, in the branch of "Conventional reading and writing processes" the winner was the teacher Paola Andrea Flórez for teaching her students the process of creating a book using recyclable materials.

In the second place was Mario Alejandro Gómez for bringing science to young people through reading, while in the third box was Jildre Jiménez for encouraging reading in different areas of the Caribbean department of Bolívar, such as canoes and streams.

For her part, the Minister of Education, María Victoria Angulo, said that it is a "day of great happiness" for what the teachers represent, of whom she said "they are leaders of the educational transformation in the classroom".

"The private public alliance has to focus on what is fundamental to the country, what unites us and not what divides us, and what unites us is education," he said.

Finally, in the category of "Digital Experiences", which opened for the first time, the teacher Néstor Joaquín Rojas won, who in the John F. Keneddy school of the municipality of Arbeláez, in Cundinamarca (center), adopted technology as a method teaching.

The winners in each of the categories received between four and six million pesos (between about 1,170 and 1,750 dollars) and will carry out a seven-day internship in Spain with the support of the Carolina Foundation.

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