June 5, 2020

BBK Live: Silence, enter Rosalia

What a spectacle. Rosalia shone like never before in Kobetamendi. If the first day of the BBK Live was a success, yesterday it surpassed not only in attendance but also in the quality of its concerts. Rosalia's voice rose above 40,000 attendees who listened in silence. He sang a capella. He cried singing. He hugged his audience. He wrapped it in such a way that some would think it was a spell. That moment in which Kobetamendi fell silent to listen to her was pure respect: towards her and her own label, for some unquestioned and for others unnamable. The concert fulfilled all expectations: from the torn voice of "Catalina" to the frantic rhythm of "With height", passing through the sweetness of "From here you do not go out" and the demand "God free us from money". However, the artist did not sing "Millionaire", which for some went unnoticed and for others it would have been the final touch. Of course, he gave a nuance of everything he could. With the company of his great team of dancers and Guincho, he created a mixture of songs and rhythms that confirmed what is becoming more frequent: the inability to label the new talents of music within a single style..

Crowd and difference: this could be defined, broadly speaking, the show of Rosalia. He managed to gather people from all over Spain, from Murcia to Galicia, as well as from more than 100 different countries. Alfonso Santiago, director of the festival, expressed this during a meeting with the press organized by the Heineken team: "At the media level Rosalia is the big star of the cartel, the one that sells many tickets, but so does The Strokes. " And it is that the second day of the 14th edition of BBK Live hung the poster of sold out tickets for an afternoon where there was no time to lose. Since Cecilio G drove his faithful audience crazy and Brockhampton suddenly broke into a rhythm as if it were a street concert, going through the unsurpassed Rosalia, the rest of the concerts did not give rise to a truce. After the delivery of Suede with his audience, other headliners arrived: The Strokes. In their only performance in Spain, they presented themselves in style with a review of their latest creations as well as the best known, such as "Last nite". For Santiago, having this band – one of the best of the last 30 years – in the poster was a success: "We celebrated it a lot, it was difficult to get them, and the same thing happened to us with The good, the bad & the queen" .

The BBK Live is still committed to reinvent itself, but staying on its line. The director of the festival said that, even coinciding in dates with other dates such as the Mad Cool, do not seek to compete but "to improve in quality, we bet on emerging groups and those in the market and, although some do not we want to have them, we do. " Without forgetting that a date of this caliber should be profitable, Santiago is not as concerned about the name of the festival as the goal of developing music. An example of this was the contrast of yesterday afternoon: while The Strokes were playing, a few steps away was Mueveloreina with a concert of pure improvisation. The mad couple did not hesitate to satisfy the audience by repeating the songs they asked for, singing, vindicating, with images that showed reality as they perceive it. Let's say that Mueveloreina missed to get off the stage to jump and sing with the public (and given their delivery they were ready). And, shortly after: The Blaze. The face-to-face of the Alric made the concert become a duel: to make the audience not stop vibrating and enjoy during the whole show that hosted the Bestean stage. And they got it.

The stages of Nagusia or Txiki, the spaces of Basoa and Lasai are already prepared to continue with the festival in its last day: today they will go through the stages Cupid, Nathy Peluso, Cala Vento, The Good, the bad & the queen, Weezer, Hot Chip and Dog, among others. A whole mix that makes possible what so characterizes BBK Live: culture and experiences that appeal to the five senses. But not only in the Kobetamendi: Bereziak again -a series of free concerts in emblematic places of Bilbao, such as Heineken in the Arenal-, has welcomed groups like the Cubero Brothers, presenting their latest projects, or Lorena Álvarez.

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