Bayern win the first pulse to Lewandowski

Polish striker Robdert Lewandowski, in a match with Bayern. / afp

The Polish striker has to join the German team's training sessions as his signing for Barça has not yet materialized

Bayern Munich has managed to win the first battle in the pulse that it maintains throughout the summer with Robert Lewandowski since the Polish striker has to join the discipline of Julian Nagelsmann this Tuesday to start the preseason with the Bavarian club. The player continues with the firm idea of ​​signing for Barça, but the German giant's attrition plan has slowed down the intentions of a footballer who was already hoping to have his future resolved by now.

“Lewandowski is evaluating options, but he has a contract until 2023 and we are looking forward to him showing up with us on the first day of training. We are not worried," Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn said in June. The former goalkeeper's statements were a declaration of intent for Barça and for a footballer who promised them very happy with the possible change of scenery this summer. Bayern was going to get tough and that's how it has been over the last month, a constant pulse, a pulse of wear and tear with the striker who, for the moment, has emerged victorious.

And it is that Robert Lewandowski joins this Tuesday to the preseason that Bayern Munich is carrying out in Säbener Strasse, the sports city of the German club, with a certain feeling of defeat. On May 30, he already made clear his intention to leave it. “One thing is for sure, my time at Bayern is over. My exit is the best option for both parties. I think they can't keep me just because they think they can », he assured at a press conference during the concentration with the Polish team.

Those words were considered a real affront to the Munich board. "Public statements like that get you nowhere. I think he should know what he has at Bayern », said an Oliver Kahn who then began to play a two-way game in which he knew that there were options for the player to continue and also for him to end up leaving the club. He signed the Senegalese striker Sadio Mané, from Liverpool, and maintained his position that the Polish player would be in pre-season with the club, ready to start a course in which he can once again be essential to the Nagelsmann project.

The young coach, 34, knows that with Lewandowski in the squad he has a sure value. The current The Best played 46 games last year in which he scored 50 goals and distributed seven assists. His figures speak clearly of a player who continues to be decisive, which is why Bayern slammed the door on the first proposals that came up for the attacker and that is why they called him up for the preseason that begins on July 12 at Säbener Strasse. The initial idea of ​​those from Munich was to end the contract he has with the club until June 2023, an idea that 'Lewy' does not like, who considers that at almost 34 years of age, he will fulfill them in August, the time has come to face a challenge outside the Bundesliga, a championship that has been disputed for twelve seasons.

A paused negotiation

With these cards on the table, Barça and Bayern were placed in a negotiation marked by the economic situation of the Catalan club. Joan Laporta assured last week in Christensen's presentation that "there will be no additions until the second lever of 15% is activated", statements that collide with the new offer that has already been raised by Lewandowski in the Bayern offices. “We have made an offer and we are waiting for the answer”, assured the maximum president culé.

That proposal from Barça will be the fourth attempt they have made to reach a negotiating table in which Bayern has not yet sat down. The Catalans have been gradually raising their bet. They started with 30 million, then 32, then 40 and, according to the German channel Sport 1, the next proposal will be 50 kilos. That figure, as long as it is made in cash, as Bayern is used to doing, could make the Germans think about it and end up with the blockade to which they have subjected this operation since the first call from the culé club to be interested in the Polish situation. For now, the pulse continues and Lewandowski will have to start a different preseason than the one he had planned when he asked to leave Munich.

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