September 22, 2020

Bauzá reveals that he receives death threats from followers of the Nicaraguan president on social networks

“I have been receiving death threats for months from the followers of Ortega and Murillo, dictators of Nicaragua, since we managed to get Europe to impose sanctions on the Regime,” he told the social network, where he posted a screenshot of one of the threatening messages. , received on May 7.

In the message, a user insults him and warns him that “they are going to pay all the sanctions they are doing to Nicaragua.” He also tells him “you are going to die like a stray dog”, “we want you dead”, “with Nicaraguans do not mess with us that we will go to your house to look for you wherever you live”.

“In Spain I have lived with coercion like this since the beginning of my political career. Save yourself the effort,” said the MEP in relation to the threats.

In May the European Union included six new Nicaraguan leaders in the list of individuals sanctioned for their responsibility in the repression that the country is experiencing. In its resolution, the Council indicates that it applies these sanctions to individuals responsible for serious violations of Human Rights in Nicaragua, in view of the fact that two years after the social outbreak against the Government of Daniel Ortega, the repression of the security forces against groups Opposition politicians, journalists and civil society continue in the Mesoamerican country.

Specifically, Brussels ordered the freezing of assets and the travel ban to put pressure on the Nicaraguan regime without causing harm to the civilian population.


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