Batet sees "points of agreement" with the PNV and is "optimistic" with ERC and PDeCAT to take forward the PGE

Batet sees "points of agreement" with the PNV and is "optimistic" with ERC and PDeCAT to take forward the PGE

In an interview in 'La Sexta', collected by Europa Press, Batet has shown his confidence that the Government can count on the votes of the three formations, which already gave their support to Pedro Sánchez in the motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy.

"We have not closed any agreement, but I think there are many points of agreement, the PNV could support these budgets because they foresee very positive issues for urgent needs", explained the head of Territorial Administration and Public Administration.

Batet has also referred to the independence parties, which demand the acquittal of the imprisoned politicians to provide their support to the accounts. "It is not easy to get support, I would be optimistic, but without being naive," he added.

The minister has taken the opportunity to ask ERC not to ask the Executive "something that is impossible" in a country where there is separation of powers. "The government is the executive power, we can do many things, but not others," he said.


After the President of the Executive and the leader of Podemos could sign the agreement for the Budgets last Thursday, the next step for the approval of the accounts goes through Brussels. The Government will send on Monday the general lines of the budget plan to the European Commission, which will be in charge of assessing them.

"I think Brussels will accept what we are going to send them," said Batet, who has defended the PGE project as a "very hard-working and very serious document" in which it is committed to "prioritizing social policies".

"Brussels said that we could have five tenths more, because I thought we were doing relatively well, that we were making an effort and that it was time to give margin, it would be good if Spain took advantage of these tenths to make social policy," the minister has defended. .


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