Batet says that to condition the investiture to a referendum is to deny the dialogue

The number one of the PSC for Barcelona on 28A, Meritxell Batet, has warned the independence movement that if it conditions its support for a hypothetical investiture of Pedro Sánchez to the authorization of a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia, it will be denying the will to dialogue.

"As long as there is a socialist government there is not going to be a referendum of self-determination (...) Therefore, putting this on the table is as much as denying the intention to dialogue and denying that they really want to dialogue. a condition, it will be very difficult for them to vote for an investiture, "he has maintained.

In Sant Adrià del Besòs (Barcelona), the socialist candidate has responded to being questioned in case she would prefer to repeat the general elections before exchanging the votes of the Catalan independence movement for a referendum on self-determination.

According to the minister, that would be an impossible negotiation to assume, since "the right of self-determination is not legal" in Spain, and would not serve to resolve the Catalan conflict.

For this reason, has considered that if ERC and JxCat set a red line in this regard will be closing the door to dialogue with the PSOE, which has already said "clearly" that "there will be no referendum of self-determination" while there is a socialist government .

What the future government would like to address is the impulse of self-government within the legal framework, a recipe that according to Batet is the only one that will manage to channel the territorial conflict in Catalonia.

During her visit to Sant Adrià del Besòs, the minister stressed that, beyond the sovereignty issue, next April 28 is at stake the model of society, both the one that is now consolidated and the one that is projected for future generations .

In this regard, he stressed that childhood is one of the most vulnerable groups in the face of precariousness and inequality and is committed to one of the first measures adopted, if the PSOE continues in the Moncloa, will be the impulse of a organic law for the protection of children.


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