July 7, 2020

Batet replies to PP, Vox and Cs that the compliances used are constitutional

The newly re-elected president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, responded on Tuesday to PP, Vox and Cs that all the compliance formulas used in the start of the new legislature have been used before and fit the Constitution, which has highlighted her "integrative" criterion in this regard.

Batet has expressed himself in this way after the leaders of the PP, Vox and Cs, Pablo Casado, Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas, respectively, have expressed their opposition to those formulas, which the independence deputies have accompanied with allusions to the "republic Catalan "or the release of" political prisoners ".

The popular have warned that they will go first to the new Bureau of Congress, and then, if necessary, to the Constitutional Court so that these formulas are challenged. Abascal has said that this option will be studied by his party.

But Batet, in his answer, has recalled the jurisprudence of the Constitutional in this regard and the agreement of the Central Electoral Board that alludes to compliance.

He has done so to underline that both one and the other consecrate the flexibility of the formulas to preserve the criteria that the Magna Carta defends.

In his words, "all the formulas used today have been used and supervised by the Central Electoral Board" and prevails, he said, the "integrative" vision of the Constitutional jurisprudence.

And that vision and that criterion is what she shares as president of the Congress because "she is convinced that it is the one that reinforces fundamental rights", and by extension, "democracy."

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