May 18, 2021

Batet rejects that the Constitution is "undemocratic" and recalls that it allows the 'lehendakari' to govern

Batet rejects that the Constitution is "undemocratic" and recalls that it allows the 'lehendakari' to govern

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Service, Meritxell Batet, has rejected that the Constitution is "undemocratic", as they have subscribed in the Basque Parliament PNV and EH Bildu, and has reminded that the Magna Carta allows the 'lehendakari' to govern.

In an interview published by the newspaper 'El Correo', collected by Europa Press, Batet has referred, in this way, to the fact that the Basque Parliament denounced last Thursday, with the support of both political formations, "the undemocratic base and historically false "of the Spanish Constitution because" it imposes "the unity of Spain, and claims the right to decide.

As for the new Statute to be approved for the Basque autonomous community, he stressed that "it must be respectful of legality and established procedures." In addition, it considers that "any Statute that is approved requires transverse agreements".

In his opinion, in Catalonia "the path of rupture was tried in an irresponsible way" and has led "to an impasse". "The 'lehendakari' shares that diagnosis," he added.


The minister stressed that the Magna Carta "is the framework that makes Basque self-government possible and puts the 'Lehendakari' at the head of the Basque Government." Regarding the transfers pending to be transferred to the Basque Country, he recalled that the PSOE Government has managed to "unburden" this issue. "We are going to close more transfers and transfers in the coming months," he assured.

On the Prisons competition, he pointed out that "it is on the list, on the table", and the Executive "is willing to talk", but has specified that "it is not something that will be easy or immediate."

After stating that the date of the general elections will be decided by the President of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, he has considered that, "if the decision of the vote is taken based on the content of the Budgets, they could move forward."


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