June 22, 2021

Batet opens the session emphasizing that the discrepancy helps decision-making about the pandemic

Batet explained that the Plenary has met to assume its “ordinary responsibilities that cannot be postponed”, such as the validation of two separate decree laws that were to expire, and also his task of debating and voting on the extension of the state of alarm.

“Like so many Spaniards, we do it with the greatest respect for their own tasks and those of others. And we do it, all of us, with the intention of helping to overcome this situation in the best possible way,” he said.

In this context, he added that “this shared will does not prevent political discrepancy but, on the contrary, makes debate and discussion an instrument for citizen information and for improving the decisions to be taken.”


Batet has once again addressed a chamber that during the session will only be filled by some 40 deputies and some members of the Government, but he wanted to make it clear that the more than 300 absent elected, will follow the session at home, and they will vote electronically.

In addition, it has taken the opportunity to emphasize its commitment “with the maintenance of parliamentary functions” and its willingness to “adopt the provisions that ensure it under current sanitary and material conditions.”

Also, on behalf of the entire Chamber, it has conveyed its sorrow and condolences to those who have suffered the loss of relatives due to the coronavirus, its support to those who “fight to overcome the disease and the crisis” and personal and institutional recognition to those with their work maintains essential services.

At this point, it has had a special mention for those who “take care of the safety and health of others, of each and every one of the citizens of Spain.”

Following Batet’s words, two new Galician PSOE deputies have taken office: Diego Taibo and Uxía Tizón, who have occupied the seats vacated by their colleagues who left Congress to compete as candidates for the Galician elections, who have been finally postponed by the pandemic.


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