July 14, 2020

Batet closes the XIII Legislature wishing "the best" to the deputies who leave Congress

The Permanent Deputation – the only organ standing in non-ordinary sessions – has met on Monday, on the eve of the constitution of the new Congress resulting from the elections of November 10, to approve its report of accounting of this five month period.

Concluded the voting of that report, which has been approved by assent, Batet has taken the floor to terminate the XIII Legislature and to thank the honorable members for all the work that has been carried out in these months.

"We close the XIII Legislature hoping that tomorrow we can constitute a new one, we can start a new time," said Batet, who will presumably be elected again this Tuesday president of the Lower House.

And he did not want to conclude without addressing those deputies and who will not repeat in the new legislature to wish them "the best" in the future and to transfer the "enormous pleasure" that has meant sharing with them the responsibility of representing the whole society Spanish.

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