Batet advocates removing Alberto Rodríguez's seat after pressure from the Supreme Court but will ask the High Court for further clarification

The president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, has shown this Thursday in favor of suspending the status of deputy of the United Podemos parliamentarian Alberto Rodríguez, sentenced by the Supreme Court for hitting a policeman in 2014. As this newspaper has learned She has been in favor of the suspension against the criteria of the progressive majority of the governing body of the Lower House, whose meeting has lasted for about an hour and a half.

The unpublished case of Alberto Rodríguez puts the electoral law to the test and unleashes a political mess in Congress

The unpublished case of Alberto Rodríguez puts the electoral law to the test and unleashes a political mess in Congress

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Batet's position is due to pressure from the Supreme himself, and it will be she who makes the final decision. But at today's meeting, the Board, by a majority of 5 to 3 -the sum of PSOE and United We Can against that of PP and Vox-, has agreed to request the Supreme Court for further clarification on the effects of its sentence, without prejudice of the competence of the president of Congress to respond to the Supreme Court office received yesterday on the beginning of the calculation of the sentence.

Sources attending the meeting have explained to that there has been a heated debate between the six members of the PSOE Table and Unidos Podemos - three of the first and three of the second - who defended that Rodríguez keep the minutes, and the two members of the PP and the only one of Vox, who demanded to withdraw it.

Yesterday, the president of the Second Chamber of the High Court, Manuel Marchena, sent the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, a letter urging her to leave Rodríguez without a seat. The Supreme Court went to Batet to demand a report on the fulfillment of the disqualification sentence of the United We Can deputy, Alberto Rodríguez. In a letter sent to the lower house, Marchena asks to be informed about "the start date of compliance 'of the penalty of special disqualification for the right of passive suffrage" imposed on Rodríguez by kick a cop in La Laguna in 2014.

Marchena's communication came in the middle of the debate on whether or not Alberto Rodríguez had to leave his seat after being convicted. The Congress lawyers They guarantee that he can keep his record because his prison sentence was replaced by a fine and because his disqualification sentence refers to passive suffrage and not to be able to hold public office. They understand that he cannot stand for election in 45 days but that he can remain in Congress.

In the second chamber of the Supreme Court they make a contrary interpretation based on the principle of "supervening ineligibility", according to which Rodríguez no longer meets the conditions required to be elected deputy, so he must leave the act immediately.


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