Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Batet accuses the right and the separatists of "voting together to hurt the people"

Batet acusa a la derecha y a los independentistas de “votar juntos para hacer daño a la gente”

The minister and candidate of PSC to the general elections, Meritxell Batet, has criticized on Saturday the right-wing parties and the pro-independence that "simply agree to vote together to harm people," as with labor reform or tax amnesty, as recalled, and has ensured that the general election only two governments can emerge: Pedro Sánchez's or the one that results from a pact of rights.

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In his speech before the National Council of the PSC, recalled the interventions of the candidates for the general elections for Barcelona in the debate organized by The vanguard on Wednesday, in which, according to the minister, it was clear that "there is only one proposal for Spain", that of the PSC, since the other parties are installed in the confrontation, as he said. "The two candidates of the right only wanted to talk about the Catalan conflict," he said. Inés Arrimadas (Cs) and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (PP)

He has accused these two parties of representing an involution for the country and of using the unity of Spain to attack the PSOE, "as the government of Torra uses the flag to cover its absolute inaction". "Some say they love Catalonia a lot but they forget the Catalans, the others say they love Spain a lot but in the end they forget the Spaniards," he said, referring to the refusal of pro-independence and right-wing parties to approve the Sanchez government budgets.

However, the minister has assured that the PSC has "political opponents, but not enemies", and has announced that during the election campaign will travel to Catalonia to mobilize the electorate and thus prevent the right to obtain a majority. Batet has also warned that a victory of PP, Cs and Vox would mean a national reissue of the pact of the three forces in Andalusia, where there have been "purges of officials", tax cuts and an attempt to eliminate funding against the policies of fight against gender violence, as stated.

He has also accused Cs of being the crutch of the PP and having participated in the "photo of the shame of Columbus" despite having presented himself as a renewing party, and has called on the independence parties to clarify what role they will exercise in the legislative chambers. "Those who do not understand Spain are they," he said, after recalling that support for independence rose 24 percentage points during the term of Mariano Rajoy, whose government has accused of not having done anything for pensions, dependency, education , public function, unemployment or energy poverty.

Batet's intervention ended with the presentation of his poster for the electoral campaign, which follows the same format as Sánchez's: a close-up of the black and white minister with the slogan Fes que passi. After the speech, the National Council held a closed session in which they discussed several issues related to the party's strategy in the next elections.

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