May 13, 2021

Batet accuses PP and Cs of "transforming to compete with Vox since the break"

Batet accuses PP and Cs of "transforming to compete with Vox since the break"

During the lunch-talk 'Dinars Cambra' organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​accompanied by the president of the institution, Miquel Valls, and journalist Isabel Garcia Pagan, has expressed that this attitude of the right responds to "no They have been able to respond to the crisis. "

"They have no project and have assumed the exclusionary debate and rejection of dialogue within the law," lamented the socialist candidate, who has expressed the will of his party to get a strong result to deploy from the Government his social-democratic project.

Batet has stressed that "another type of rupture" is the proposal of a permanent 155 and the questioning of shared values, such as redistribution, equality and also equality between men and women.

He said that in the elections, citizens will decide between two alternatives: "A permanent 155 or self-government, or we have a government that respects the autonomous state, which will maintain decentralization and that is committed to strengthening self-government or what we have is the possibility of a right-wing agreement that supports the suspension of autonomy ".

He has warned of the "danger" that this government may be constituted after the elections, something he sees possible, despite the results thrown on Tuesday by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) that PP, CS and Vox would not reach the majority absolute in its highest pitch.


Asked if, in case of being re-elected, the Government of Pedro Sánchez plans to reunite the Council of Ministers in Barcelona, ​​explained that the idea is to continue meeting beyond the Community of Madrid.

"The goal is to continue and I hope Barcelona repeats," said Batet, who has clarified that he does not believe that repeating the meeting of Sánchez's cabinet in the Catalan capital will be soon, since there are many other cities where they want to celebrate.

In any case, he stressed that the Government is not "visiting, because it is the Government of all Spain and deals with the real problems of Catalonia" and that is what he wants to continue expressing.


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