April 15, 2021

Bassist Pepe Bao offers a concert and a masterclass at the Teatro Guiniguada – La Provincia

Bassist Pepe Bao offers a concert and a masterclass at the Teatro Guiniguada - La Provincia

Pepe Bao, bassist and alma mater of O'Funk'illo, will offer a free master class this Thursday, February 14 at 5:00 pm at the Teatro Guiniguada. Considered the "best electric bass player in the history of Spain" by Rolling Stone magazine, he will talk about the resources a musician has in styles such as flamenco, funk and rock; the construction of effective electric bass lines in different harmonic contexts; secrets to play in a rhythm section; listening techniques and the transcription of recordings and interpretation of own composition. As usual, the Theater dependent on the Government of the Canary Islands, also schedules a concert after the talk at 20.hours.

The training session, in collaboration with Mousikê, is free and free entry, while for the concert there are tickets on sale at www.entrees.es and at the box office, at the price of 10 euros. Together with Pepe Bao, the guitarist will be on stage Miguel Manescau and the drummer Akior García.

This new delivery of the Thursday of Master Class, In collaboration with Mousikê and Fundación SGAE, it aims to take music to a new level of education, in which, in addition to having a theoretical class where the artist tells his experience within the world of music, there will be a demonstration of his instrumental skills with a concert that will give a posteriori.

From flamenco to rock, Pepe Bao connects musical styles wildly and passionately through his bass. His ability to experiment and create new ideas with musical balance is his added value as a musician. Despite having learned to play the bass in a self-taught way, his dedication has led him to position himself as one of the most important and influential musicians in the history of modern bass in Spain.

O'Funk'illo, the funk rock band that conforms with the vocalist Andreas Lutz and the guitarist Javi Lynch, was the beginning of his musical recognition and success, since through it he found the essence and freedom to interpret that defines him Today. Currently, Pepe Bao combines his solo musical activity with O'Funk'illo, Estricnina, Pepe Bao Trío and other formations in which he collaborates, in addition to teaching master classes throughout the national and South American territory.


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