Basque PP says that Urkullu wants the 10N votes to make Euskadi "hunting territory for the non-nationalist"

Through his official Twitter account, González makes an assessment of the speeches made by the leaders of the PNV in the celebration of Alderdi Eguna this past Sunday, where the lehendakari raised the need to recognize the "national identity" of the Country Basque, and that in Spain the "plurinationality" of the State is assumed.

For the president of the Vizcaya PP, the latter Alderdi Eguna has been a "clarifier." "We already know what Urkullu wants the November 10 votes and their budgets for, to turn the Basque Country into a hunting territory for the non-nationalist," he denounced.

In addition, he has assured that the president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, is "delighted" with this situation, "in order to remain in power, even at the cost of confronting the Spaniards with each other."

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