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Basque Health Minister, Jon Darpón, resigns due to leaks in a medical opposition | Society

Basque Health Minister, Jon Darpón, resigns due to leaks in a medical opposition | Society

The Basque Government has announced on Thursday the resignation of the Health Counselor, Jon Darpón, after the irregularities detected in the OPE of Osakidetza, which had already claimed the resignation of the general director of the Basque Health Service, María Jesús Mugica, and the director of Human Resources, Juan Carlos Soto. A total of 72,500 people showed up for this job offer and, after allegations of irregularities, the Basque Health Service decided to repeat five exams of three specialties. The Office of the Prosecutor extended the investigation to assess evidence of crime to 11 medical tests: Anesthesiology, Angiology, Digestive, Cardiology, Traumatology, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Intensive Medicine, Emergency, Microbiology and Cardiovascular.

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Nekane Murga, the current director of Health Planning, Management and Evaluation, will be the new counselor. This has been confirmed by the Lehendakari himself, Iñigo Urkullu after finishing the plenary session of the Basque Parliament. Darpón has said goodbye to the Osakidetza professionals thanking them for their work. The only parliamentary group that has come out in its defense has been the PNV. After denouncing the "campaign of harassment and demolition" with which, in his opinion, the opposition, in an "infamous" manner, has fueled "lies, noise and suspicion", its spokespersons have highlighted their transparent management of Darpón and diligent. "

The resignation came a week after a court in Vitoria cited to declare the three doctors as investigated responsible for the specialties of Anesthesiology, Angiology and Digestive to which the Prosecutor's Office points out as the alleged perpetrators of leaks in the Public Employment Offer (OPE) of Osakidetza. Following the complaints of several unions, the Office of the High Prosecutor of the Basque Country opened proceedings to investigate if there were irregularities in 19 medical specialties of the oppositions to the Basque health. After his investigation, he saw evidence of the crime of disclosure of secrets by these three heads of service and requested that they be cited as defendants.

The resignation of Darpón also occurs on the eve of the Basque Parliament giving the green light to the failure of the counselor. All the groups of the opposition had conspired to support the reprobation, a scenario that, although it was not binding, did not please the Government. After several conversations with the Lehendakari, Íñigo Urkullu, the counselor, who a few days ago said he had the confidence of Urkullu, has submitted his resignation this morning of March 14.

Darpón was in the spotlight after the headline of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Vitoria admit the prosecution's complaint and agree to initiate preliminary proceedings. The Basque Prosecutor's Office stated in its letter that the three accused service chiefs were the ones who wrote the questions of their respective specialties and that in the three cases the opponents who worked with them got the best grades. In all three cases, it detected signs of leakage and of being able to recognize the author.

In that letter he also requested the statement of three people in charge of Osakidetza (the director of Human Resources, the deputy director of Human Resources and the director of Sanitary Assistance) but in this case he left to the later investigation of the court the decision of if they were mentioned as witnesses or as investigated. In fact, he recommended taking a statement at the end, so that the preliminary proceedings determine the quality of what should be cited.

since then the unions, and the parties of the opposition have demanded the resignation of the councilor. An exit that was already rumored from early yesterday afternoon. By the time Darpón has resigned, the director of Human Resources, Juan Carlos Soto, and the general director, María Jesús Múgica, had already done so. The Economic Director, Ricardo Ituarte, was dismissed.


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