Baskonia- Real Madrid. When everyone plays in Madrid …

Baskonia- Real Madrid. When everyone plays in Madrid ...

Ddays after not being able to assault the leadership of the Euroleague in Istanbul, Madrid walked through Vitoria. The game was more than decided in the third quarter, with Madrid dominating by 21 points and Santi Yusta, to adorn his remarkable performance, caught an offensive rebound fighting with three Baskonians. The Real Madrid bench with its heavyweights, Llull, Rudy and Reyes, applauded the action of the squad player standing up. Fruit of that offensive rebound came the umpteenth perfect movement of the ball so that Thompkins culminated the play with his third triple from the corner. 48-72 and the more than 15,000 Buesa Baskonians surrendered to the evidence.

At that point the only thing that worried in Vitoria was the condition of the right knee of Tornike Shengelia. A weird gesture in a lack of Campazzo in the center of the court ended with the Georgian limping and with the Orphan Baskonia. He scored both free throws, but he limped off to the locker room. The Madrid already dominated with authority and without its reference the Baskonia disintegrated.

Pablo Laso has such a large amount of ingredients in the squad that, when combined with success, the dish always works well for him. The quintet with which he appeared in Vitoria did not coincide with almost any of the last weeks. He gave the same. Campazzo (15 points and 10 assists in his service sheet) makes his teammates play like nobody else and is one of those who mark the temperature behind. Causeur had one of those starts yesterday in which he seems unstoppable. His ten points in the first quarter were the runway for Madrid. Santi Yusta proved that not only is it for inter-war games. The forward is to be used in more places than Lugo or San Sebastian, with all the respect that teams like Breogán or Delteco deserve. He finished with 15 points and also caught 5 rebounds after 23 minutes on the court. And the inner couple Thompkis-Tavares has reached such a rapport that when they play side by side they are more comfortable than with any other partner. The American finished with 19 points and Tavares had 14 points and 10 rebounds. That quintet proved devastating for the interests of Baskonia. Madrid chained partial and already in the third quarter had no back. The differences went above 20 points and only an attack of pride from Vitoria prevented the difference ended up being scandalous.

Laso's team closes 2018 as the closest pursuer of Barça. The Baskonia makes him very concerned about the health status of Shengelia. "We started the match very loose," Perasovic acknowledged Movistar +. On the contrary that the Madrid of Laso.

74. Kirolbet Baskonia (12 + 25 + 13 + 26): Huertas (22), Shields (12), Janning (7), Voigtmann (0) and Poirier (4) – titular team-Shengelia (10), Vildoza (11) ), Diop (3), Hilliard (3) and Penava (0).

91. Real Madrid (26 + 21 + 27 + 17): Campazzo (15), Causeur (12), Yusta (15), Thompkins (19) and Tavares (14) -quintet holder- Llull (0), Reyes (1) ), Ayón (6), Rudy (7), Taylor (2) and Deck (0).

Referees: Conde, Aliaga and Martínez Fernández. Without eliminated.

Incidents: 15,544 spectators in the Buesa Arena. Match corresponding to the fourteenth day of the Endesa League.


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