Basketball. The Endesa League Classic will be behind closed doors

The Real Madrid-Barcelona of the ACB on Sunday 22 will be played without an audience

The closed door of Spanish sport fully affects the Endesa League. There will be four days in which the ACB plays its games without a public to stop the advance of the coronavirus and that will include Real Madrid-Barcelona that will be played at the WiZink Center on Sunday 22 ..

The measure will affect day 24, which will be played on March 14 and 15; 25, scheduled for March 21 and 22; to Montakit Fuenlabrada-Herbalife Gran Canaria suspended from day 20 (which will resume on March 18) and to UCAM Murcia-Iberostar Tenerife on day 21, postponed by the Intercontinental Cup and to be held on Thursday 19. The measure is taken «According to the measures decreed by the Ministry of Health to stop the advance of the coronavirus», according to the ACB. The matches will be held “with the minimum personal essential for the dispute of the matches and their television production, with no possibility of access for fans.” These are all the matches that will be played behind closed doors:

Day 20 (March 18): Montakit Fuenlabrada-Herbalife Gran Canaria (the last 15 minutes will be played due to the suspension in its day due to a problem in the parquet of the Fernando Martín Pavilion).

Day 21 (March 19): UCAM Murcia-Iberostar Tenerife (postponed by the Intercontinental Cup played by Tenerife).

Round 24 (March 14/15): Unicaja-BAXI Manresa; Herbalife Gran Canaria-Iberostar Tenerife; Monbus Obradoiro-Joventut; Casademont Zaragoza-Coosur Real Betis; Valencia Basket-KIROLBET Baskonia; Barcelona-San Pablo Burgos; Morabanc Andorra-RETABET Bilbao Basket; Montakit Fuenlabrada-Real Madrid and UCAM Murcia-Movistar Students.

Round 25 (March 21/22): San Pablo Burgos-Herbalife Gran Canaria, BAXI Manresa-Joventut, Coosur Real Betis-Monbús Obradoiro; Movistar Students-Montakit Fuenlabrada; RETABET Bilbao Basket-UCAM Murcia; KIROLBET Baskonia-Casademont Zaragoza; Real Madrid-Barça; Unicaja-Morabanc Andorra and Iberostar Tenerife-Valencia Basket.

Day 26 (March 25): Movistar Students-Coosur Betis.


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