Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Basketball player José Ángel Antelo signs for Vox

Basketball player José Ángel Antelo signs for Vox

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Vox political training announced on Friday the signing of the player of basketball coruñés José Ángel Antelo Paredes in the organic structure of the party in the Region of Murcia, after announcing recently that he left the club UCAM, in which he played in recent years.

The announcement comes after the power forward announced to the media on March 27 that he was leaving the basketball club where he played in the last seven years after two consecutive injuries to the Achilles tendon. Already then it was rumored that Vox was looking for his signing, although the player denied then such a possibility.

The party made the announcement this afternoon in a press release accompanied by a photograph in which it appears accompanied by the general secretary of Vox, Francisco Javier Ortega Smith, and of Pascual Salvador, provincial president of Vox Murcia.

Antelo started in the lower categories of Real Madrid and, after playing in the LEB, he moved to the ACB League. He signed in 2012 for the Basketball Club Murcia, where he played until recently, although a injury suffered in the summer of 2017 forced him to retire with 31 years.

Apparently, Antelo's role in the game will be to collaborate in the sports field "for the promotion and improvement of sport in the Region", although nothing has been advanced of its possible inclusion in the lists for the next regional or municipal elections in May.

Antelo was an honorary captain of the team since he left the club a few days ago and was still linked to San Antonio Catholic University working as a member of the club's sports center.

"Vox enthusiastically welcomes this news and appreciates their willingness to actively collaborate with the regional project of our training," concludes the official statement.


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