April 21, 2021

Basketball King Cup 2019: The mutation of Darío Brizuela | sports

Basketball King Cup 2019: The mutation of Darío Brizuela | sports

"You have to face it. Here you do not come to enjoy, "Darío Brizuela (24-year-old San Sebastián), between the resistance and the ambition, before taking Madrid for a place in the semifinals of the Cup. Dimensioning the progression of the student squad, in determination , production and continuity, in the competitive scenario will be one of the great attractions of the Madrid derby.

Born in San Sebastian and collegiate canterano since 2011, with 16 years, Brizuela is completing his best season in the elite: he is the second highest scorer of the competition, with an average of 15.5 points per game (only behind Laprovittola, 15 , 7), and the eighth classified in valuation, with 14,3 credits of average. His mutation, from promising player complement to leader of his team, was developed last summer at the High Performance Center of Granada. "I have two coaching friends there who are like my brothers, a physical trainer and a nutritionist. Since we met, two years ago, I go every summer to train CAR with them. But this year, instead of being one or two weeks, I spent a month with intensive sessions, very hard. Days of triple session that have allowed me to raise the threshold of suffering. It's what I needed to consolidate myself in ACB and to be up to the task after having made my debut in the national team, which is something I thought I would not achieve in my life, "says Brizuela.

Brizuela, against Llull and Ayón in the last derby
Brizuela, against Llull and Ayón in the last derby acb photo

A story of self-demand and self-confidence that, in addition to the physical and the basketball, also pointed to the soul. "I have worked like a madman, also in the psychological. Everyone told me that I could be something more than a normal ACB player and I'm starting to believe it, "he tells jokingly now. "I take things from many people to strengthen my personality. When Van Persie complained that he was not playing, Wenger told him 'make a list of things you know you have to improve and who is the best in each of those things'. I made that list and I always have it in my head ", explains the escort, of 1,88m.

Psychology student, passionate about the Premier and the Arsenal, and premature co-captain of the Is your (along with Edgar Vicedo), Brizuela faces her last year of contract and has become one of the jewels of the national showcase. "Many brides are going to leave but hopefully we can keep him to build the team around him," says the historical Nacho Azofra, now a coach in the collegiate quarry.

The last squad of Estudiantes that lifted a title, the Copa del Rey in 2000, in Vitoria, trained by Pepu Hernández, was made up of 10 youth players (Azofra, Jiménez, Alfonso and Felipe Reyes, Gonzalo Martínez, Aisa, Robles, Muñoz, Asier García y Arranz) and two notable Americans (Chandler Thompson and Shaun Vandiver). Now the quotas are almost reversed. But, between Cook, Gentile, Caner-Medley and Whittington, Brizuela strongly demanded the stripes to surprise Madrid again as they did on Kings Day in the Endesa League.

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