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Basketball Can Real Madrid play in the NBA?

Florentino Pérez has recognized in his meeting with the compromising partners that he has asked the NBA to include Real Madrid in the East conference, but they have responded that he is too far away. This idea has always been hovering in the head of the white president, but the reality is that, today, it would be very difficult to turn it into reality. The president of NBA Europe, Jesús Bueno, gave the keys on this matter in an interview in LA RAZÓN last February.


The head of the US league in Europe said that today is not something that is on the road map of the NBA, which has several expansion plans underway, although not specifically. No one can rule out the entry of European teams in the very long term, but in the near future it is not something the NBA is thinking about.

There are no suitable pavilions in Spain

One of the problems that makes it impossible for Real Madrid to join the NBA is the playing field. The best league in the world asks for a series of conditions for the pavilions that host the matches and in Spain there is none suitable today. The NBA makes a deployment of media and people who need facilities in terms of capacity that the white team does not have today.

Flights of less than six hours

Another important obstacle is distance, as Florentino Pérez says that he was answered from the NBA. The League is very concerned with the rest of the players and with preventing the calendar from having an impact on the health of its protagonists. Madrid is more than six hours away from the totality of stadiums that it would have to visit if it were an Eastern conference team, so it is another reason for the NBA to discard this possibility right now.

Regular League matches in Spain

League games have already been played in London, in O2, but in Spain even this is not possible right now. We are the first European country in terms of NBA supporters, but there is no pavilion that can receive the entire show that accompanies an NBA clash.

European conference

It would be an option to end the problem of long trips, but that is already something futuristic and that only generations later can see. Because one thing is to include teams from other countries, as happened with Canada, and another to create a new conference outside the Americas. The good thing about this is that the champion could be considered a "World Champion", as the teams that win the NBA ring now define themselves.

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