Bartomeu withdraws the vote on changes to the Barcelona shield

Bartomeu withdraws the vote on changes to the Barcelona shield

The president of the FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, decided this Saturday to remove from the order of the day the voting regarding the proposal of the remodeling of the new shield of the club.

After that in the open question time to discuss this point Many of the delegates will be against the new design and ask the club to hold a referendum to approve the change, the highest representative of the entity took the floor to suspend the vote.

"We have decided to withdraw this point from the day and we will do an internal reflection with the executives to see how we can combine history and digitization," said Bartomeu while a significant part of the audience shouted "we want to vote!"

The new design sought to suppress the acronym FCB, give more visibility to the different symbols that make up the shield (the flags of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Barca), reduce the number of Barça strips and enhance the prominence of the ball, which was to occupy a more centered position.

"We decided not to take this to a vote to see if the most appropriate solution is to hold a referendum to make this change that is so important for the club, I also like to vote and we want to make this reflection", Bartomeu repeated before the evident disagreement on the part of the delegates.

The approval of the new coat of arms should also include the modification of article 2 of the FC Barcelona Statutes, which describes in an annex the colors and the design that it looks at present, a point that finally was also removed from the agenda.

In any case, the assembly was left without voting the design proposed by the agency Summa, whose creative director, Josep Maria Mir, defended before the compromisary partners the need to adapt the shield to the new times.

"The new design of the shield did not respond to a desire to modernize it or make it more beautiful, but to a need, the club can not miss the train of new technologies," Mir said in his speech.



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