Bartomeu gathers today the managerial nucleus to give explanations on the scandal of the social networks – The Province

Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of the Barça, will give this Wednesday afternoon explanations to the hard core of the Barça directive during a meeting of the delegate committee of the board and no scenario is ruled out. The meeting occurs after the crisis triggered by the smear campaign chained by the company ‘I3 Ventures’, whose agreement with Barça was canceled on Tuesday, as President Josep Maria Bartomeu announced.

The Barca president already held an afternoon Tuesday contact with the azulgranas captains and with coach Quique Setién to whom he wanted to explain the social media crisis. The Ser chain uncovered that a company hired by Barça for almost one million euros to monitor the conversation on social networks of Barça and Bartomeu was dedicated to creating accounts from which players such as Piqué and defamed Messi, former players such as Xavi, Puyol and Guardiola, and presidential candidates such as Victor Font.

On this occasion, Bartomeu will meet at the club’s premises with the vice presidents of Barça; with the CEO of the Òscar Grau club and with the secretary of the board Maria Teixidor, who are part of the delegated commission.

Tense situation

The situation within the board is now tense. Several of them feel angry to be dragged in a scandal of which they had no record and because they did not know the high amount paid to the company based in Buenos Aires. Several of those responsible accuse Jaume Masferrer, Bartomeu’s right hand, of hiring I3 Ventures, although he did not join the club until 2018. Barça entered the portfolio of I3 Ventures at the end of 2017, although Masferrer advised from before to Bartomeu externally.

It is not ruled out therefore that this be fired as well as an electoral advance. It will depend on the degree of outrage that the board of directors will present at today’s meeting. A departure of managers would leave Bartomeu even more weakened, who was found last night as a heavyweight staff as Gerard Piqué described as a puppet journalist defending the board. A fracture with the costumes and also within the board would make the finalization of the presidential term, which ends in the summer of 2021, little sustainable.


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