November 29, 2020

Bartomeu does not resign or summon his vote of no confidence

Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Josep Maria Bartomeu.
Josep Lago

Josep Maria Bartomeu resists resigningrya call his vote of no confidence, despite the fact that the deadline expires this Monday. He Barça has hurried to the end, clinging to the letter of the pandemic to try to postpone it, but seeing that the Government remained firm in its refusal has decided to continue with the pulse. Postpone the decision until you have the Procicat’s response to your voting protocol. That is the conclusion that the board of directors has reached after one of the meetings that has aroused the most expectations in recent years. Bartomeu, who has not spoken since the Gamper, will break a silence of five weeks and will appear this afternoon to explain the decision.

The last attempt to save Bartomeu’s head had been send a letter to Pere Aragonès stating that, if they were not given two more weeks to prepare the logistics, they would concentrate the vote at the Camp Nou, instead of the 21 points in Catalonia and Spain that had been foreseen in the initial protocol. Another ‘remake’ of the ‘chicken game’ of ‘Rebel without a cause’, in which two pilots drive at full speed towards a cliff and the one who jumps before the car loses. In full pandemic, with a curfew, bars and restaurants and the threat of weekend confinements, the Government and Barça know that it would be difficult to understand images of agglomerations of 110,000 members with voting rights at the Camp Nou.

Maximum guarantees

Accustomed as ERC and JxCat are to playing the chicken game with each other, they did not budge an iota of their determination to authorize the referendum. “I have received this letter and in this sense refer to what PROCICAT and the General Secretary of l’Esport have already communicated, that Barça’s vote of no-confidence could be held by taking measures with more space and more time. It is the decision of a private entity and we limit ourselves to giving our opinion “, responded this Monday the vice-president in functions of ‘president’ of the Generalitat.

“If the vote has to be held, there must be the maximum possible guarantees to prevent possible contagions as much as possible. Seeing how they evolve, thinking that a reduction of venues is going to favor that generates doubts,” he had assisted hours before at a press conference Gerard Figueras. The Secretary General de l’Esport, who has repeated throughout this process the mantra that there were no “legal or sanitary impediments” to postpone the appointment with the polls, He has demanded that the club not put its members at risk by reducing the voting points. “I am interested in the club, regardless of the board there is. We would not have to lower the security measures for the Barça member. There is a high number of members of advanced age. Instead of reducing territorialization, bring it together in the Camp Nou is on the contrary line that from Salut he was sent to the club. ”

Threats from critics

The promoters of the motion had warned that they would take action if the plebiscite was not officially set on Tuesday. “If they do not comply, we have planned actions that now is not the time to explain. But they are planned. We are awaiting the official call for the motion, these are turbulent days in this regard. The call should be made at the latest tomorrow. If not, we will understand that the meeting has not convened it within the legal limits and is a flagrant violation of the statutes, “he had warned Marc Duch, spokesperson for Més que una moció.

Jordi Farré, Promoter of the initiative, announced on Friday that it would denounce the board if this Monday it did not set the third vote of no-confidence in the history of Barça, after that of Joan Laporta and the Elefant Blau against Josep Lluís Núñez in 1998 and Oriol Giralt’s against Laporta in 2008. But Bartomeu, who although he has not written a ‘Resistance Manual’ like Pedro Sánchez has made it his main motto, has not wanted to extend the game a little longer taking him to extra time.


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