September 25, 2020

Bartomeu also throws Abidal – La Provincia

Josep Maria Bartomeu has made the decision to cast Eric Abidal just before starting, according to the Barça, “extensive restructuring of the first team”. A renewal that had to be done from “the consensus between the technical secretary”, who is no longer the French executive, who was not even named, and Ronald Koeman, who has not yet been given the official status of a new Barça coach.

Setién fell first, who has only resisted seven months at the Camp Nou, and Abidal fell hours later. Not a day has passed between the two dismissals in a clear attempt by the Bartomeu board to visualize the change and extend, at the same time, a hand towards Messi.

Abidal was sentenced since last month of January when he faced Leo Messi, who responded harshly through social media. But then Bartomeu could not further weaken the technical secretary, the fourth he has fired in the last five years in office. He was doomed ever since and now, right at the beginning of the transfer market, ups and downs, that decision has been made effective.

Started first dispensing with Zubizarreta due to the Anoeta crisis after the fight between Messi and Luis Enrique, then did not renew the confidence of Robert Fernández, promoter of the signings Dembélé and Coutinho to supply the march of Neymar, He also opened the door to Pep Segura because he trusted Abidal. Confidence that the president has withdrawn him at a key moment because he faces a necessary and profound remodeling of the staff.

Between Zubi and Robert there was a short-lived technical commission, which lasted barely six months, made up of Carles Rexach and Ariedo Braida, sports advisers to President Bartomeu, and managers Javier Bordas and Jordi Mestre.

Plans, possible successor

“Barça and Abidal have reached an agreement to terminate the contract that united both parties,” the club reported in a statement where he is much more affectionate and grateful to the French than to Setién. “The club publicly expresses its gratitude to Eric Abidal for the professionalism, commitment, dedication, positive and close treatment that he has always shown towards all levels that make up the Barça family and wishes him many successes in the future.”

With Setién, everything was, instead, much more concise. “The board of directors has agreed that Setién ceases to be the coach of the first team.” There was no thanks to the Cantabrian coach not so close in that cold statement.

The Barça club has not communicated, however, Abidal’s successor, although the possibility of Ramon Planes, the executive who had signed the Frenchman, and who has gained influence over President Bartomeu, takes force. Barça has only reported Abidal’s goodbye. But he does not speak, for the moment, about his successor.


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