Barrage of strikes in transport in the middle of Christmas

If last year's Christmas was marked by restrictions, this year's are conditioned by uncertainty. To the doubts generated by the Omicron variant is added the threat of a cascade of strikes in transport on dates close to the Good night. Some mobilizations that not only threaten to collapse stations and roads, but also to exacerbate the shortage of products experienced in recent months.

The main threat today is the truckers' strike scheduled for December 20-22. The conflict has become entrenched after several meetings between the Executive and the employers of the sector, and even the union has threatened to make the strike indefinite. In

the last meeting, held on Thursday, both parties approached positions and the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sanchez He spoke yesterday of "significant" progress. But the reality is that the call continues to this day.

The carriers They have been demanding the government the review of the implementation of tolls, the improvement of rest areas or the application of the fuel cost review clause. In addition, now the employer is asking that the driver's participation in loading and unloading operations be prohibited. A measure that could unblock the conflict and that the Government is studying.

Meanwhile, the rest of the productive fabric looks with dread at the strike. Distribution companies and small businesses have warned that a halt in the transport of goods in Christmas it would cause a collapse in shipments and consumption, in addition to exacerbating the shortage of products.

Enaire: flight delays due to the stoppage of air control centers

Unions USE, CC.OO., UGT and CSPA they have called a strike between December 23 and 26 for all Enaire staff, both in airports and in control and administrative centers. The air traffic controllers, who are governed by their own agreement, have been left out of the demonstrations, but despite this the strikes threaten to create a bottleneck at airports on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

The unions, who want to mobilize 2,000 workers, intend with this pressure measure to recover the productivity complement to maintain the purchasing power of the workforce.

EasyJet and Menzies Aviation: reinstatement of laid off employees

But the mobilizations of the workers of Enaire They are not the only protests facing the airline industry. The unions called yesterday new strikes in EasyJet, one of the airlines with the highest volume of passengers transports in Spain. In addition, these stoppages would affect your ground service provider, Menzies Aviation.

In principle, the workers' representatives plan an indefinite strike as of December 17 that would run every Friday and Saturday. In other words, it could end up affecting Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, as well as the return from vacation. CC.OO and UGT They denounce that the British company is "violating the labor and union rights of its staff through the execution of dismissals." The unions assure that they will only sit down to negotiate "if the company reinstates the fired colleagues."

According to the workers' representatives, the call aims to lead the two companies to "reconsider and redirect labor relations to establish and analyze normal negotiation channels", in addition to agreeing on the necessary measures that guarantee the viability of the companies and the Job positions.

Baraja airport cleaning service: indefinite strike one week before Fitur

Although it will not affect passenger traffic, the strikes called by the cleaning service unions at the airport of Adolfo Suárez- Madrid Barajas They could put in a bind the normal operation of the infrastructure in terminals 1, 2 and 3. The works council has called on the workers to halt their activity as of Wednesday, January 12 at 11:00 p.m. indefinitely . This will occur a few days after the start of Fitur, one of the busiest weeks at the capital's airport.

The unions denounce that Sacyr Facilities continues with 70% of the workforce in ERTE despite the recovery of passengers at the airport, "which is causing an overload of work impossible to assume for the staff." In addition, as reported by USO, the vacancies produced during the ERTE are unfilled and there is a breach in the coverage of leave and vacations.

Auto Res: no buses on Christmas Eve

The malaise that exists in transport also extends to the bus sector. This same week the call to strike was made available to workers in Auto Res, bus company integrated in the group get moving, one of the road transport groups with the highest mileage and passengers in Spain. These stoppages are scheduled on December 24, 26 and 31, 2021 and January 2, 2022, although negotiations are still open.

As the unions have recently denounced, the company has used "the argument of the pandemic" to stop operating in several bus stations in Spain, in which it has closed ticket offices and customer service centers, "in addition to systematically reducing the frequencies in their expeditions leaving without service to a large part of the citizens, who have seen how the buses no longer pass through their towns, "they said from CC.OO.

This abandonment, according to the same union, includes towns in the province of Orense, Vigo, Zamora, Salamanca, Cáceres, Badajoz, Cuenca and Valencia. For union representatives, the motive for the pandemic is an 'excuse' at this stage of the moment, so they believe that the company's decision implies a 'abandonment' of the user, when the rest of the companies in the sector have already reestablished your activity on all routes.


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