Bárcenas ordered from prison to destroy the recording he had made of Rajoy on box B of the PP

The ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas commissioned an inmate with whom he had shared a confinement in Soto del Real to destroy the recordings that he kept of those he had made of Mariano Rajoy and Javier Arenas and that would implicate these two in the irregular financing of the party . This was admitted on April 9 by Bárcenas himself to two Internal Affairs agents who asked him about a seized handwritten note in which Bárcenas writes the instructions to the inmate, to which he has had access elDiario.es.

The handwritten note reads: “Alex, you have to destroy all of MR's audios when I give you the order. There should be nothing left. It is my commitment. Do the favor of recovering them. Hug". Later, Bárcenas explained to the police what he meant: “These are the instructions addressed to the Colombian to destroy the audios of Mariano Rajoy, he says audios in plural because one is from Rajoy and the other from Javier Arenas, which are the only ones he had because He has not recorded anyone else, ”the agents write about what Bárcenas is telling them.

And they add: "What the Colombian had to do was enter the cloud and with the key and password that the declarant had previously provided, access the information of the declarant, specifically a folder of audios where the two were described" . The agents conclude, according to what Bárcenas declares: "That this information, as soon as the witness was released from prison, it no longer appeared in the cloud."

The instructions for the destruction of the recordings were given by Bárcenas in 2014, as the former treasurer thinks he remembers. The policemen write in their statement: “As stated in court (Bárcenas), the Colombian computer expert agreed to this job, but previously asked him for an amount of money (approximately 3,000 euros or a similar amount) to buy computer equipment . To do this, and following the instructions of the declarant, his wife Rosalía Iglesias gave that money to Sergio Ríos [el chófer], who met with an alleged partner of the Colombian communications expert to deliver the money. He knows that Sergio complained to Rosalía for having kept that appointment since it generated uneasiness ”.

During the trial of box B, Bárcenas again referred to a recording in 2009. In the audio with Rajoy, the former treasurer said, Bárcenas has just made a delivery of money to the president of the party and shows him accounting papers to stop him. This is a conversation following the outbreak of the Gürtel case. Rajoy, "scared", reproaches him for that material on the record, turns in his chair and destroys it in the machine that was behind him for that purpose, according to Bárcenas' account.

Regarding that recording and that of Arenas, Bárcenas added in the trial: "Mr. Gómez Gordo [miembro de la brigada política próximo a Cospedal], who took them, should bring them. ”Bárcenas said, therefore, in March, that a copy of that recording was stolen from him by members of the political brigade in Operation Kitchen.


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