April 16, 2021

Barcelona withdraws the gold medals awarded to Francisco Franco in 1971 and 1974 | sports

Barcelona withdraws the gold medals awarded to Francisco Franco in 1971 and 1974 | sports

The management of FC Barcelona announced that it will withdraw the gold medals and all the honorary effects that the club granted to Francisco Franco in 1971 and 1974. The decision must be ratified by the Assembly of Committees of the club to be held in October. Josep Vives, spokesman for the Barcelona directive, explained that the award of these medals does not appear in any minutes of the boards of directors that approved them. The club, at the request of some partners, has carried out a documentary investigation and there are graphic proofs of the awarding of said medals.

"It's a question that comes from afar," Vives explained. "There have been many partners who, through the channels of the club and even in some assembly of delegates, put on the table the need to withdraw these distinctions to Franco." The process has been long. In 2003, for example, the board of directors already convened an advisory council that considered that the withdrawal of the medals was not necessary because they were granted in a totalitarian context. But given the insistence of some partners, Vives explained: "We reviewed the entire procedure. We investigated it with the documentation center and yes the medals were granted and that is how it is, de facto. "

The club awarded Franco the gold medal commemorating the inauguration of the Palau Blaugrana. And in 1974 he was awarded the gold medal commemorating the club platinum wedding, forced by the unwritten rule that implied that newly created distinctions always had to be granted for the first time to Francisco Franco. In that case, Barcelona had awarded for the first time the medal of new creation to the Penya Blaugrana de Manresa as organizer of the first meeting of Barcelona clubs in Montserrat. At the request of the authorities of the time, the club created a new medal that was delivered to Franco a week after the celebration of the events in Manresa.

The spokesman was asked on the positioning of the club on the trial of imprisoned politicians Catalans "We have always said that the resolution must be political and never in the judicial framework. That's why we are against. Those of us who live here, those of us who have witnessed what happened here, are clear that (the solution to the conflict) must go through politics and dialogue. We defend this, and another case is the preventive detention of Sandro Rosell, that we consider unjust, like that of political prisoners ", closed Josep Vives.

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