Barcelona will ban smoking on the beaches

Barcelona will ban smoking on the beaches.

Barcelona will ban smoking on the beaches.
Marga ferrer

The aim of the city council of Barcelona is a city without smoke, and a smoke-free city includes a smoke-free city of the tobacco. So during the season of bathrooms This year, from May 29 to September 12, the council will ban smoking on four of the 10 beaches in the city, specifically the measure will be applied in Sant Miquel, Somorrostro, Nova Icària and Nova Mar Bella. This is a pilot test that will begin with a public consultation and end with impact studies. If the indicators are good, the city council does not rule out extending the banIn the future, to all the city’s beaches and other spaces, such as parks and gardens, and bus stops.

From the beginning this Tuesday the public consultation opens to receive approvals of entities, interest groups and political parties for 15 days. The next step will be to sign a decree with a 30-day public hearing and allegations period, and it will finally be formalized. There will be a rule but no sanctioning capacity, that depends on a higher administration. Although the consistory recalls that the absence of a sanctioning element does not mean that the rule is not applicable. Come on, if the authority urges compliance with a rule and it is not obeyed, it can be sanctioned for contempt of authority. That said, the city council assures that the objective is not tax collection but awareness raising.

The data speaks for itself: the main cause of preventable death in Spain is smoking and in Barcelona every year 2,200 deaths from this cause are registered, 13.8% of the total. Not only that, second-hand smoke contains 4,000 compounds of which at least 50 are carcinogenic. There is also damage to the environment, not in vain every year 5 billion cigarette butts reach the sea that take between 10 and 12 years to disintegrate and release metallic pollutants into the sea that are harmful to fauna.


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