April 21, 2021

Barcelona wears Valencia (86-79)

Barcelona wears Valencia (86-79)

Barcelona knew how to wait for their moment to meet with Iberostar Tenerife in the first semifinal of the Copa del Rey. Barça resisted against Valencia and in the last section took off with a partial of 11-0. It was just over two minutes of monologue to end up winning with a comfort that he did not enjoy throughout the game. And he did without Heurtel, who had been the best element of the azulgrana in a clash that dominated Valencia for many minutes. First with two bases and then with the Frenchman sitting on the bench and Pangos in charge, Barça ended up imposing with a deceptive facility.

Pesic's group appeared too soft in the Cup. As if their good record in the Endesa League and the Euroleague was reason enough for a team that does not live their best moments as Valencia began to falter. There was none of that. Those of Ponsarnau were the group that worse arrived of spirit to the match … Thomas was in charge to mark the first differences taking advantage of the azulgrana interior fragility. Valencia came to dominate by 11 at the start of the second quarter (13-24) when nothing worked in Barcelona.

Pesic demanded more defense. Actually, it had almost never existed. And he bet for a quintet that sounds like having many minutes on the court when things get really serious. With Heurtel at the controls -the Frenchman was the only one who had shown signs of life until then-, Ribas, Hanga, Singleton and Tomic, Barça changed. He started working behind and what had been a life too comfortable for Valencia was over. Barcelona did not finish to get ahead, but assumed that to reach the semifinal had to help Heurtel and work behind.

The match was balanced in the third quarter. The ties followed one another and it remained to be seen who was able to step forward. At Barça, Heurtel did it again. His push gave the maximum advantage to Barça (62-58) at the start of the last quarter. The Valencia bet to survive by the triples and it went well. Three hits from the perimeter almost followed him back with more than five minutes ahead (65-69).

The title defender did not shake. The disturbing 73-73 went to a resounding 84-73 in two and a half minutes. Two triples of Hanga and a basket of Tomic were the basis for Barca to leave Valencia sounded.

The tribute to Navarro

The ACB paid tribute to Juan Carlos Navarro during the break between his club and Valencia. The pavilion, except for a small minority that began to sing that of "Navarro go to the theater", stood up to pay homage to the seven-time Cup champion. With the chords of the song "Simply the best" (Simply the best) , Navarro returned to be protagonist in the Cup.

86. Barcelona Lassa (13 + 24 + 21 + 28): Pangos (6), Blazic (2), Claver (5), Singleton (11) and Tomic (14) -quintet holder- Heurtel (17), Hanga (12) ), Seraphin (0), Ribas (14) and Oriola (4).

79. Valencia (21 + 18 + 19 + 21): Vives (2), Van Rossom (8), Doornekamp (9), Thomas (12) and Dubljevic (13) -quintet holder- Sastre (0), Tobey (9) ), San Emeterio (7), M. Thomas (7), Labeyrie (8) and Abalde (0).

Referees: Martín Bertán, Hierrezuelo and Calatrava. Eliminated Singleton.

Incidents: 11,511 spectators in the WiZink Center. Second match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.


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