November 24, 2020

Barcelona ties against Slavia in the Champions League

There is no Barcelona for many parties. He was able to win the Slavia, because he had chances for it and he could lose because the Slavia also had chances to get something positive at the Camp Nou. A humble team that has not had any complex at home or at the Camp Nou, daring, with the very advanced lines, playing with fire, but without fear.

If in the first leg he lost despite being superior to those of Valverde, at Camp Nou he drew a tie to zero, just for what was seen in the field, if the word justice can be used in football.

Barcelona continued with its symptoms: a team that does not rule in the games, which does not decide how to play, delivered to the round trip. A team without style, which does not finish booting and does not know how to solve your doubts.

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