August 9, 2020

Barcelona – Slavia Prague: Impotent Barça | sports

Messi misses an occasion against Kolar. On video, statements by Ernesto Valverde after the game.

The Slavia is the colista and, nevertheless, plays at home and in the opposite field as if it were the first classified of the group F of the first phase of the Champions. He has no doubts, no fear, no demands; He is simply an optimistic team, very happy since he was compared to Liverpool, even if his coach Trpisovsky has some things from Klopp. The vitality of the Prague team contrasts with Barça's grief.

Nobody would say that the leader is Barça. He acts very overwhelmed and responsible because he does not know how to win the European Cup and, therefore, does not find a way to play it, even at the Camp Nou. It is not about denying the classification but certifying that the Catalans have not been much superior to their rivals: Inter, Borussia and Slavia. They have won two games for the quality of their players and for the opportunism of their figures and have also drawn two because they have been 0-0. Against Slavia, Messi's goal was missing. The figure was Kolar.




Slavia P.


Ter Stegen, Nelson Semedo, Clement Lenglet, Alba (Sergi Roberto, min. 45), Piqué, Vidal, Ousmane Dembélé (Ansu Fati, min. 64), Busquets (Rakitic, min. 67), Frenkie De Jong, Griezmann and Messi .

Slavia P.

Ondrej Kolar, Jan Boril, Michal Frydrych, Ondrej Kudela, Coufal, Tomas Soucek, Stanciu (Husbauer, min. 62), Petr Sevcik, Peter Oladeji Olayinka, Ibrahim Benjanim Traore (Tecl, min. 56) and Lukas Masopust (Lukáš Provod, min. 81).

Michael Oliver

Nelson Semedo (min. 31),
Piqué (min. 13),
Busquets (min. 42),
Ondrej Kolar (min. 92),
Ondrej Kudela (min. 83),
Stanciu (min. 47),
Peter Oladeji Olayinka (min. 20) and
Husbauer (min. 81).

Stadium:Camp Nou

The goalkeeper avoided the defeat of a team that without having so many goal options played better than Barça. The fan ended up so frustrated that he dismissed with some whistles the team of Valverde. It was not remembered a meeting of the unmarked Barcelona -and they go 45- from February 11, 2018 against Getafe. The numbers refer every day to times already forgotten in the Camp Nou.

Barça never got rid of the scare of the Prague party. Although he won, the memory of that hellish night still weighs in the mood of the Catalans and especially in Valverde, more confused if possible after the painful defeat in the Ciutat de València. The coach set up an alignment conditioned by the football inferiority shown by the Catalans on the Slavia court.

Absent Luis Suarez, the coach opted for a trident unpublished with Dembélé on the far right and put Arturo Vidal in the middle point, more protagonist without Arthur, while De Jong and Busquets mixed in a double pivot that favors both the Dutch and harms the Catalan of Badia. The mix did not work and Barça was at the mercy of Slavia and at the expense of Messi.

The Barça squad did not have the imbalance assumed with Dembélé or the energy granted to Vidal. The only team with character and vigor was the Slavia. Trpisovsky set up individual brands that left Barça out of play. No passes were leaked into space, advanced and orderly as the Czech defense was, nor did it receive the Messi ball. The lack of depth of Barcelona contrasted with the mobility of the Slavia.

The body to land was imposed as a defensive solution in Barcelona. The fouls and the corners followed one another before the framework of Ter Stegen. There was no way to contain the waves of rival, counteract their deployments, avoid frank arrivals and numerical superiority of the Slavia. The effort was so strenuous for Jordi Alba that he was injured and replaced by Sergi Roberto. The Catalans only breathed for a while on Semedo's side.

Isolated Dembélé and Griezmann, only Messi, the protagonist of two excellent shots was released before reaching the break: one hit the right crosshead of the goal of Kolar and the second was taken by the goalkeeper, also decisive at the exit of a corner topped by Pique. Kolar's individual performance was as meritorious as the Slavia collective. The exchange of blows helped heat the cold Camp Nou.

From effort and interest, and from Messi movements, the Catalans managed to match a game dominated by Slavia, a good team for homogeneous, athletic and synchronized, always challenging against Barça. It is not that he has lost respect for Barcelona but that he has subjected him to two very demanding parties in which he has been more spectator than governor before the surprise of Camp Nou.

He lived the Barça of his defense, of a pass filtered by De Jong and the nerve of Ansu Fati, great in an assistance to Messi resolved by Kolar. The youth was well above Dembélé and Griezmann, the most notable footballer in the absence of Suarez. The quality of the players, absorbed by a dull game, without continuity, was not noticed before the impudence of Slavia. He has even shrunk De Jong. It was no longer just a matter of mileage as in Prague but of impotence in the Camp Nou. Barça does not find its place in Europe.

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