Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Barcelona rolls the first webserie 360 ​​degrees

Barcelona rueda la primera webserie 360 grados

Can you imagine a series where he viewer is an accomplice of the plot, that he has the possibility of contemplating the angle he wants and can see it as if he were acting with the actors themselves? Well, that audiovisual production it exists and it is called "Breakfast with me 360º" and it is one of the first immersive webseries in the country. A Barcelona creation that aims to mark one before and one after in the production of series for the internet, developing four chapters, written by Iván Morales, with the clear desire to "investigate and experiment with new ways of explaining stories", beyond the typical flat screen.

In this series the new technologies they take a fundamental role, since it is the screen of a computer, a mobile device or virtual reality glasses, which allows the viewer to enter the series and become the director of the action that happens around him. "In this way, they build as many stories as people, moments or circumstances and that opens the door to a long road of challenges and learning," acknowledges Iván Morales, creator of the series.

The original idea is based on the audiovisual adaptation of the theater play "Esmorza amb mi" ("Breakfast with me") that Morales himself wrote and directed at Sala Beckett. It aims to collect the experiences of four private breakfasts between lovers, couples, trios and groups of people of different origins and identities who meet, spend the night and reflect in good morning around a table.

The human team that embodies this young production has the experience of two producers in Barcelona, ​​Coco360 and LosMontoya. The first one specialized in immersive virtual reality experiences and the second one in combining theater with audiovisual arts. As far as the cast is concerned, the cast does not leave anyone indifferent either. The webserie counts in each chapter with the participation of two different main actors. Thus, in the first installment are Andrés Herrera and Neus Asencio who play Salva and Gisela in the episode entitled "Nuevos hornos". In the second chapter, which opens at dawn on Monday, November 5, are Xavi Sáez and Bruna Cusí who play Sergi and Sara in "¿Quién Eres?". In the same way that the episodes have a different distribution, in management issues the same thing happens. Àlex Monner and Àlex Mañas take the reins of the first and second installments respectively.

Poster of 'Breakfast with me'

Poster of 'Breakfast with me'
(Martí Paola)

For the filming of "Breakfast with Me 360" the camera Insta360 pro is used, "one of the best cameras that exist in terms of virtual reality", confesses Arnau Macià, technical director of the series. The production is recorded with six lenses and 8K, "which gives the product the quality necessary for optimal post-production", adds the co-producer.

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