August 11, 2020

Barcelona-Real Madrid. The spectacular weapon against the danger of drones

It is feared that anything could happen on December 18 at the Camp Nou match

The security measures of the classics between Real Madrid and Barcelona are very high. Up to 2,000 members of the State Security Forces and Corps are mobilized, private protection is reinforced, sewage is checked and up to two or three safety rings can be created before reaching the stadium. And now measures are also taken against drones, another threat to the parties.

The Classic of December 18 is not going to be a normal match or even compared to other classics. After the threats of the Democratic Tsunami and after seeing how the violent demonstrations ended in Barcelona, ​​it is feared what could happen on the day of the meeting, with the city full of fans and journalists and the Security Forces attending a thousand issues.

Drones are one of them. It is true that the stadiums are very safe sites and more of the great teams, which have to pass the demanding UEFA revisions. But as "Brand" revealed, against Mallorca a drone without control entered the stadium and was circling until the club's security reduced it. Both Madrid and Barcelona are equipped against that, that's why he missed that drone.

Police already exhibited a weapon against drones in the Champions League final. It can be a fixed detention system or a rifle: this is the UAV-D04JAI Jammer. Has of two kilometers range and fires an invisible beam that neutralizes the contact of the device with its owner.

Once deactivated the contact with its owner is the Police who controls that drone and can direct it where you want and avoid any danger

Meanwhile, another system is a drone that, by means of a cable connected to the control unit, increases its autonomy and allows the images taken with the two cameras it carries (a wide angle and a thermal one) to be sent to the room of operations, as explained by the SER.

Although the Security Forces do not want to detail how they will protect the fans and the protagonists of the Classic is likely that a similar drone protection system be used during the match.

Until now the drones, in football had had a function of supporting the game. The trainers used them to have aerial images of their workouts or their matches, but all their use was playful. Everything evolves and drones have become, more than anything else, a weapon with few consequences for the user. That is why its military growth exceeds its civil use. But someone experienced can use it. And by December 18, the security forces are already prepared for everything that can happen

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