January 25, 2021

Barcelona – Lightning: Vidal triumphs; Coutinho expires | sports

Barcelona - Lightning: Vidal triumphs; Coutinho expires | sports

In the absence of Madrid, lost and without horizon, it is Atlético who reminds Barça of every day that there is still League to play, 11 games still and a duel between them on April 6 at Camp Nou. Atlético won at Leganés and demanded victory against Barcelona against Rayo. Apparently a simple task if you take care that Michel's boys were 37 points and 38 goals from Valverde's boys. The Catalans, however, took a long time to mark the differences, overcome a goal after a bad start, relieved by the changes of their coach. Barça is long the championship for the acquired advantage (seven points), because he is obsessed with the Champions and because Messi does not stop touching before the concern of the Camp Nou. The only carefree and decisive soccer player continues being Dembélé while the fiercest one is Vidal.

Absent from the start of the French, sheltered on the bench with Sergi Roberto and Rakitic, Barça insisted on looking for a hole in the balcony of the Rayo area, a task as complex as threading the thread in a needle without blinking, more pending. Messi team that from the party Camp Nou. It was difficult for Barça to open the game by the sides, always knotted when they defend him with three centers like Rayo, decimated Jordi Alba and very defensive Semedo. The only one who did not attend the Barça 10 and was awaiting the contest was Raúl De Tomás.


Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Semedo, Piqué, Umtiti, Alba; Vidal, Busquets (Malcom, m.85), Arthur (Dembélé, m.46); Messi, Luis Suárez and Coutinho (Rakitic, m.80). Not used: Cillessen; Murillo, Sergi Roberto and Aleñá.

Vallecano Ray: Dimitrievski; Advinculada, Velázquez, Gálvez, Amat (Pozo, m.64), Álex Moreno: Baby, Comesaña, Imbula, Álvaro (Embarba, m.80); and De Tomás. Not used: Alberto, Tito, Trejo, Suárez and Di Santo.

Goals: 0-1 M. 24. De Tomás. 1-1. M. 38. Piqué. 2-1. M. 51. Messi (p.) 3-1. M. 82. Suarez.

Referee: Melero López. He admonished Velázquez and Busquets. Referee of the VAR: De Burgos Bengoetxea.

Camp Nou: 78,158 spectators.

The forward of the Thunderbolt He challenged Piqué without stopping until he scored the 0-1. He did not notice the referee in a De Tomás arrival, held by the central to the entrance of the area, and then finished a transition of his team badly defended by Semedo, who ran over Piqué. Live the Ray of goals of his striker and already go 11. The goal did not seem to worry Barca, lacking pace and continuity, accustomed to overcome after conceding a goal always expectant with the outbursts of Piqué.

The offensive of the Barça did not have nerve or grace, very foreseeable and demolished repeatedly with lateral faults and corners that did not find the frame, until Piqué was presented. Caught on a corner kick that could not finish, the defender headed in goal a free kick sent by Messi. A set piece found the Barça remedy to the knot raised before the Dimitrievski area. Camouflaged Arthur, Coutinho still did not appear, no game or goal, and Messi It did not hit the gap while Luis Suarez opened to the bands to sponge behind the Ray.

The changes, decisive

Valverde was so worried that he intervened very daringly at half-time: he knocked off Arthur and put Dembélé to Coutinho to play indoor in a 4-2-3-1 similar to Sevilla. It was necessary to wake up in exchange for risk and the plan worked immediately after the intervention of the referee: Melero López sanctioned with a penalty a fall of Semedo against Amat. The play, transformed by Messi, gave much to speak for doubtful against the contrariety of Rayo, stunned in any case by the deployment of Barcelona. The emergence of Dembélé improved the performance of Semedo and the team regained the intensity, even the aggressiveness and took command without hesitation, always pending in any case of Messi. The fans do not take their eyes off 10. There are days when they touch their elbows, sometimes it seems that their arm hurts and in some games they have been seen with their hands in their pubes and a grimace of disgust, as if they were not fine although it does not hurt anything, without at least showing any injury in the daily medical part of Barça. Messi touches a lot and suffers Barça.

The azulgrana have lost delicacy and precision, needed the best version of 10, and in return have won fierceness with Arturo Vidal. The Chilean recovers, collides, runs, works and sustains Barcelona. Vidal was a colossus at the Bernabéu and against Rayo, games that the team struggled to close on time, exposed to any accident to despair of the Camp Nou. The Lightning did not surrender and Valverde ended up resorting to Rakitic before the innocuity of the cited Coutinho. And the Croatian was decisive in the open when he assisted Luis Suárez after a counter-run by Dembélé: 3-1.

A discreet marker in the return of Barça to Camp Nou after a few days of fable in foreign field, especially in the Bernabéu. Parked LaLiga, now awaits the Champions. And Barça hopes that finally Messi will find the hole against the OL.

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