Barcelona emptied by the coronavirus of Isabel Coixet and Rosa Maria Sard - La Provincia

Cloistered in his apartment in the Eixample of Barcelona, These days Rosa Maria Sardà feels more "candied" than confined. Sardà's award-winning artistic career is inseparably linked to a sharp and lucid sense of humor.

On March 21, Saturday, the actress, director and writer wanted to celebrate World Poetry Day. He rescued a text titled 'The swallows of the villa'he had written 20 years ago, just at the time he met Isabel Coixet.

Sardà recorded the text in a voice message and sent it to the most international of Spanish filmmakers, with whom he now shares a frank and solid friendship.

In your living room in times of coronavirus

At that time, Coixet had briefly abandoned his confinement in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia to buy food and EL PERIÓDICO. As I walked towards the kiosk in the Vila de Gràcia square, I was recording the deserted, spooky streets. Back at home, she heard her friend's message and immediately saw that Sardà's words and the images that she had just recorded made sense together: "It seemed to me that swallows would hallucinate when they saw the empty streets."

When this newspaper asks for authorization to offer the audiovisual piece to the readers of the digital edition, confined like them because of the global emergency, neither of them doubts for a moment. Of course yes. Sardà had not even seen the video yet with his voice: "I sent the text to Isabel, and the one she has bundled. It is the bomb. Use it as you like. Kisses"


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