Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Barcelona contributes 19% of the port system but receives only 0.7%

The Port of Barcelona accounts They are always the same. For years it is, of the 28 Spanish port authorities, the infrastructure that more income contributes to the Interim Compensation Fund, which depends on the Ministry of Development. And, as has been the case for years, it is still in the tail of the investments that this fund will make in the Catalan infrastructure. According to data from Promotion for 2020, Port de Barcelona will contribute 5.8 million euros, 19% of the total expected revenue, which is calculated in 30.5 million. The 315,000 euros that will return will represent 0.68% of the total of the 46.1 million investments that Fomento will make in the 28 maritime facilities.

These accounts were approved for the set of Spanish ports, which met yesterday in Gijón, at the request of Puertos del Estado, public body of the Ministry of development. Although the port of Barcelona is the third infrastructure in traffic – behind Algeciras Y Valencia-, the diversification of its economic activity puts you at the forefront of revenue. This section is followed by the port of Valencia – which will contribute almost 4.6 million euros, 15% of the total, and will only receive 74,000 euros, 0.16% – and third place is occupied by that of Algeciras – it will collect 2 , 3 million, 7.5%, and will receive 122,000 euros, 0.26% -.

Puertos del Estado highlights the “generosity of the system” for facilities with fewer resources

These accounts contrast with those of other ports of the State. The one in A Coruña will contribute 660,000 euros to the fund, but will receive almost 2.4 million; that of Cádiz will contribute 370,000 euros, although it will receive 2.1 million; and that of Ceuta, which collaborates with revenues of 213,000 euros, will benefit from investments worth 2.4 million. Special mention deserves that of Tenerife, which will benefit from investments of 11 million, although it contributes only 891,000 euros. Salvador de la Encina, president of Puertos del Estado, highlighted the “generosity of the system, especially the Inter-Compensation Fund, since it allows to meet the urgent or supervening needs of those ports of general interest with less resources”.

Of these 46.1 million that the compensation fund will distribute next year, 7.6 million will be for navigation aids, 1.4 million for security actions and another 23.4 million to finance various actions in the 28 ports To the 30.5 million that the different ports will contribute, 9.5 million will be added that will add State Ports.

The Gijón meeting also approved a 5.6 million item for the Ports 4.0 Fund, aimed at improving the innovation of port facilities, and another 116 million fund for projects to improve land accessibility to ports.

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