November 25, 2020

Barcelona City Council identifies two of the far-right protesters of 12-O in front of the Columbus monument

The Barcelona City Council has expanded the complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office for crimes of Hate and Discrimination due to “Nazi and Francoist attitudes” in the demonstration called on October 12 by far-right entities in the statue of Colon after identifying two of the perpetrators of the events.

The extreme right exhibits pro-Franco flags and sings the 'Cara al sol' in front of the Columbus monument in Barcelona

The extreme right displays Francoist flags and sings the ‘Cara al sol’ in front of the Columbus monument in Barcelona

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The complaint filed on October 13 indicates that, at the end of the wreath, “a group of people summoned by the National Identity Front” burned “a stellate while they made the Nazi salute, singing the ‘Face to the Sun’, displaying preconstitutional flags and a very large one with a small modification of a swastika, and emitting shouts of ‘Heil Hitler, Viva Franco and Jos√© Antonio Primo de Rivera’ “.

The council has reported this Thursday that it has expanded this complaint because, thanks to citizen collaboration, it has managed to identify two of the perpetrators of the allegedly criminal acts. “They will not pass”, has settled the Councilor for Citizen Rights, Marc Serra.

The letter sent to the Hate Crimes and Discrimination Service of the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office by the Barcelona City Council’s Non-Discrimination Office indicates as “present at the concentration and active in the facts” two people, one of them “the singer of a group whose lyrics do not pass the filter “of the Penal Code.

The consistory also adds to the complaint the photo of these people at the time of the events and the Telegram of a far-right party. For the City Council, these events that occurred on October 12 at the Colon monument may constitute hate crimes, and for this reason it asks the Special Prosecutor’s Office to investigate to determine the facts, the authorship and their circumstances and contribute them to the court. .

Specifically, the council proposes to the Special Prosecutor for Hate and Discrimination crimes that the Mossos d’Esquadra collect the images recorded by the security cameras in the area and that direct witnesses of the events that made the recordings be taken. attached to the complaint.

Catalonia Suma por Espa√Īa, Vox and other organizations participated in the wreath at the Columbus monument to celebrate the October 12 festival, and in the vicinity of the same monument there was also a concentration of the far-right National Identity Front Spanish National Socialist Workers Party (FNI) PNSOE).

At that concentration, some of the protesters carried flags with fascist and Spanish Falange signs, and several of them, arms raised, sang “Cara el sol” and burned “stelades” flags and photos of former Catalan presidents Llu√≠s Companys, Quim Torra and Carles Puigdemont.


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