April 14, 2021

Barcelona beats Madrid in the extension and revalidates the crown of the Copa del Rey – La Provincia

Barcelona beats Madrid in the extension and revalidates the crown of the Copa del Rey - La Provincia

The Barça Lassa won his second consecutive Copa del Rey to the defeat Real Madrid in the final (93-94), this time on his own track and after having to resort the referees to the instant-replay in the extension to grant the last basket of the Catalans.

The Madridistas let a title escape to their audience after achieving a lead of 17 points in the third quarter. When it seemed that they had success in their hands, they fit a partial of 17-31 in the last quarter and a basket by Sergio Llull over the horn forced the added time. Thomas Heurtel, for the second year in a row, was chosen as the best player in the tournament.

Real Madrid had a hard time entering the match against a Barça team well settled on the track with Pau Ribas in charge of the operations. A partial 0-9 led him to acquire an income while the whites, too erratic in the outside game, only found a little inspiration in Facundo Campazzo.

A triple by Randolph and a basket by Rudy Fernández as soon as they entered the court (14-16, minute 9) were decisive in resolving the crisis, although Barça closed a quarter where Sorbresalió Ante Tomic with a basket on the Heurtel horn (16-20).

The Barça gave entry in the second quarter to Adam Hanga and Pierre Oriola in the second quarter, where Pablo Laso also put in action Sergio Llull and Tavares. A triple from Kuric put the Catalans back by seven points (16-23), but Taylor's response was fulminating and the comeback came with a triple from Llull (27-25, 15 minutes).

A partial 2-6 returned to put the Barça ahead, which They pulled Hanga's class and Kevin Pangos. Anxiety weighed on the locals, with poor selection of shot, a situation that corrected Laso with a timeout that revitalized theirs and allowed them to reach the break with equality in the electronic after a tap of Ayón on the horn.

Barça lost control of the game in the third quarter. The defensive intensity of Real Madrid grew and in attack broke Causseur. The WiZink Center began to roar in every action and the targets went from dominated to dominators. A triple of Randolph and a basket enforced by Campazzo, who undressed the Barça defender, shot Laso's men (50-41), who did not slow down and reached an income of 14 points after another triple Causseur (55-41), But the best was still to come, when Rudy Fernádez made another triple (58-41, min 29).

Each error blaugrana was punished at the same time under the hoops Gustavo Ayón grew while Tomic watched from the bench the Mexican exhibition, closing this quarter with a partial 25-11 to leave the score in a clear 60-46.

The Blaugranas only had left appeal to the epic, like the whites a year ago in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. With the roles changed with respect to the 2018 edition, the game took a diametrical turn. A spectacular 0-15 it caused the score to go from 61-46 to 61-63 after four consecutive triples and a 2 + 1 from Heurtel from Pesic's men against a Real Madrid that lost the course.

Thomas Heurtel, top scorer of the match. Photo: EFE

The party then entered another dimension and Only Causseur found an answer. Six points from the French and a triple from Sergio Llull closed the abundant white wound (70-66, min 36) and forced Pesic to call a timeout. At the exit of the same, a partial of 1-8 returned to the blaugranas control of the score (71-74, min 38).

The match entered a last minute roller coaster. Campazzo had five seconds from the end the opportunity to equalize the clash with three free throws, but missed the last (75-76). Madrid made a quick foul on Claver, who went to the free throw line at 4 seconds, but missed the second (75-77). After a timeout, the whites pulled the ball and the ball ended up in the hands of Llull, the specialist in these situations, who on the horn formed the extension (77-77).

The added time was still going to leave a roller coaster of sensations and controversial moves. The azulgrana arrived to be placed with an income of five points (87-92) after two lira shots of Singleton. Carroll managed to put Madrid ahead with a controversial 2 + 1 (93-92) that caused the anger of a Pesic out of himself with the referees after a play where he claimed a lack of Randolph to Singleton.

The technician got into the middle of the track with his arms raised, but the referees did not whistle technique. To 1 second of the end, another controversial play. Tomic went into the basket and received an illegal plug. After consulting the instant replay, the team awarded the basket and there was still time to play, where Llull tried the triple from his track that was about to enter.


93 – Real Madrid (16 + 19 + 25 + 17 + 16): Causeur (14), Randolph (16), Campazzo (19), Ayón (12) and Deck (2) -independent team-, Rudy (5), Llull (13), Reyes (2), Carroll (5), Tavares (2) and Taylor (3).

94 – Barcelona Lassa (20 + 15 + 11 + 31 + 17): Pangos (10), Ribas (2), Singleton (4), Claver (15) and Tomic (14) – starting team -, Seraphin (6), Hanga (2), Heurtel (22), Oriola (7) and Kuric (12)

Referees: Juan C. García, Miguel A. Pérez and Bejamín Jiménez. Adam Hanga was eliminated by five personnel (m.41).

Incidents: Final of the King's Cup played at the Sports Palace (WiZink Center) of Madrid before 13,468 spectators. Some of the actors in the movie "Champions" delivered the replicas of the trophy to the Barcelona players.


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