April 15, 2021

Barcelona and Madrid tie the most even classic

Barcelona and Madrid tie the most even classic

Until he had oxygen, Madrid competed with Barcelona and then knew how to hold on in his field to replace reinforcements without Vinicius in the field, the team's rioter, the most substantial change of the team that was thrashed in the fall and that yesterday took a tie and gave the feeling that is at the same level as the rival. That's the good news for those of Solari, who made twenty minutes of high pressure at the beginning and then changed in the second half to resist back, when Messi was already in the field and Valverde's were much more recognizable, more ordered and without so much prominence of Malcom. The tie leaves everything open for three weeks at the Bernabéu.

They were two different matches before and after the break. Very equal at the beginning, tense and very moved and more calm later, with Barcelona already with the ball and with those of Solari waiting, taking a breath and waiting for an opportunity like the one Bale had already at the end of the match.

In the second half the field was opened and played in all areas because what happened before was as if only one area of ​​the grass exited, where they attacked Vinicius in Madrid and Malcom in Barcelona. Jordi Alba, almost always decisive, as he showed after the break, spent forty-five minutes almost abandoned on his side, as well as his opponent, Carvajal. They are two essential sides for the attack game of his team and were invisible. There was no room for them. So much has Madrid become accustomed to Vinicius that he looks almost desperately and the Brazilian does not say never. Then it can go well and needs maturity and train more shot, but did not leave Semedo peace, the option of Valverde to cover him instead of Sergi Roberto. That is already a sign, Vinicius is already worried and the rivals are looking for ways to stop him because it is already known that Madrid searches for all roads in that area. It had to be Piqué who came to help and show the Brazilian the value of the experience.

The problem with Vinicius is that he had to leave a lot of his oxygen helping Marcelo, who is seen suffering too much. The competitive matches surpass him right now. Valverde saw that he insisted to Malcom that he tried it every time. Marcelo did what he could, but that's not much now. There went Vinicius and Ramos appeared there, who took a yellow just start the game to solve the problems of his teammate.

It was a duel between Vinicius and Malcolm, which won the Real Madrid at the beginning and tied the Barça player later. The advantage of Vini is that he had Benzema, who played twenty exquisite minutes, a routine in reality. Between them, as usual, they produced the goal of Madrid, which was scored by Lucas Vázquez. Malcolm's problem is that he did not have Messi next to him. Valverde let him rest until the second half.

Before he left Barcelona grew, during the first minutes of the second part he took the match and discovered that he had Jordi Alba. His first race in the open was the draw of Barcelona. Valverde's team settled and Madrid had a difficult time, which took Bale to warm up playing and show Solari that he is willing to fight Vinicius. The Welshman threw Madrid to take Barcelona off. There was a moment when the match seemed definitively inclined for Barca, Arthur and Busquets had more spaces to play. They were growing as the minutes passed. No Coutinho, who left nothing.

He gave the impression that he was going to make the clash long to Madrid, but he remade and made it clear that now he does have a lot to say.


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